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Happy Halloween! Scary pumpkin faces, anyone?

Here’s a bunch of carvings I saw tonight while trick-or-treating with the kids.  I figured I’d share.  Some of them were pretty intricate.  A lot better than any of the pumpkins I carved when I was young.  I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween this year.

Sky on Fire

I figure that, when taking photos, luck and observation take equal parts.

Observation takes some practice.  As a photographer, I’m learning to notice things that most people don’t.  Whether it’s the aperture and shutter speed on my camera, or the detail in a car’s grill, I’ve been trying to take close notice of everything that gets overlooked in everyday life.

Luck, however, is often the difference between finding and not finding a subject.  Tonight, as I was helping my daughter finish carving a pumpkin, I noticed that the houses behind ours had an odd glow.  I ran into the front room and pulled the blinds up to find the sunset was lighting the clouds on fire.  It was incredible.  Ten minutes later, it was gone.  If I hadn’t looked up at the time I did, I would have missed it.  Lucky me.

Photography:  50% observation, 50% luck.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Hidden

When I read the topic for this week’s photo challenge, I was stuck.

I thought about taking a shot of this lovely, vintage door someone near our house restored and used as a gate to their backyard.  It makes me think there’s something great hidden back there and I can just see a hint of it through the old glass in the door.

I thought about trying to snap a shot of my kids hiding somewhere in the house.

Then, tonight, I opened up the fridge and had a flash of brilliance.  The fridge.  I’ve had those moments when I’ve said to my wife, “Have you seen the eggs?”  Then she finds them behind the margarine.  Or, “Do we have any peppers?”  “Yup, they’re in the back.”  “Back where?”  “They’re in there, I know they are.”  Two weeks later there’s a nasty smell and then I find the peppers.  Or what’s left of them.

Between the crispers and the shelves and the…well…there’s just too many places to hide in a fridge.

Hidden.  The wordpress photo challenge.


Photo Friday’s gone wide angle

This is pretty.  Really pretty.  They (whoever “they” are) say that smog causes pretty sunsets.  Is it politically, morally, ethically, environmentally, logically incorrect to say that at least smog has one aesthetic upside?  Seriously, let’s clean up the earth, but keep the pretty sunsets.


“Style is the mind skating circles around itself as it moves forward” – Robert Frost.

I’ve always loved Frost’s poetry and the image of circles like this brings me back to his imagery.