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No Photo: Sorry.

I had a great day today.  We had Kate Whitfield in our school today talking to the girls and she met, after, with all of the girls in leadership to discuss how they could set the proverbial bar higher in our school for “girl-world” behavior.  Then I hung out with my son tonight as we watched “How To Train Your Dragon” and for part of it, he let me run on the treadmill.  I’ve been so busy that I’ve not gotten out to take any new photos and I feel like I’m rehashing stuff from way too long ago.  I’m going to rectify that this weekend, starting tomorrow.

To recap:

1.  Helped make my school a better place for the girls.

2.  Hung out with son watching awesome animated movie.

3.  Exercised.

4.  No photo…yet.

p.s.  If you’re a teacher and need someone to come in and discuss girl issues with your girls, there’s no one better to call than Kate.  She’s awesome.


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