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These are the clouds in my backyard. Neat, huh?

There was a horrible rainstorm when I left exam marking today.  As I made my way out to the valley, the clouds broke up and blue sky took over.  It was refreshing, as I’m used to it working the other way – blue sky in Vancouver and clouds and showers in the Valley.  However, if the nimbus underbelly of these cumulus clouds is any indication, the showers may have followed me home.

I’ve always felt as though cloud shots never quite pan out the right way, but I just shot these a few minutes ago and then I merged three photos to get the full view of the clouds in my backyard.



All is mostly well – here’s a new photograph

This is the ceiling of the Maggie Benston Center at Simon Fraser University.  It houses the university’s bookstore, the Student Services center and a myriad of other student services.  It is also where I’ll be marking exams again tomorrow.  I’ve already marked for a day, but there’s at least two, maybe three days of marking left.  The room in which I mark exams overlooks a large grassy area on which students lie around a suntan while I read the papers of a couple thousand students.  I missed marking today (although, if I am completely honest, I didn’t miss it that much) due to a medical concern yesterday.

After nine hours in emergency, x-rays and blood tests, the doctor diagnosed a complication in my abdomen.  After ruling out appendicitis and most likely ruling out a kidney stone, Doc decided that I’ve got a little (well, Large) intestine issue.  So I’ll be eating a ton of fruit and drinking enough liquids to drown myself over the next couple of days and I’ll get it all sorted out.

Well, that was more personal than I meant it to be.


Unidentified abdominal pain – yay!

I’m sitting in the E.R. waiting to find out if I have appendicitis. Sorry about no photo tonight, but I think that stabbing pain in my lower right is slightly more important.

Happy July 4th! (how predictable)

This diptych is brought to you by my old Pentax K1000 film camera.  I took these shots almost four years ago down in Bremerton, WA.  I love it down there.  I love the straight-forwardness of a company called “American Construction”.  I would say it is as straight forward as the flag, but with thirteen stripes (the original thirteen colonies, if my memory of American History in a Canadian classroom serves correctly) and the 50 stars (the current number of states in the Union), the Red, White and Blue…well, there’s a lot of symbolism and history in the flag.  It’s a little less straight forward.

Either way, to all my American friends, I hope your Independence Day was great.  I hope it was filled with family, love, patriotism and fireworks (and maybe a beer and a bratwurst).


Can’t Catch Me

That’s serious arrogance.  On the shoe of, presumably, the graffiti artist is the sign of his attitude:  “CAN’T CATCH ME”.  I wonder if he actually left his shoe behind on purpose or if he took off so fast that he left them behind by accident.  Oh…wait…there’s an option I hadn’t thought about until this moment…

Our local graffiti artist is the…GINGERBREAD MAN!  It all makes sense now.  I remember how the story goes:

I’ve run away from a little old woman,

A little police man,

And I can run away from you, I can!

You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!


Wow.  My exam marking exhaustion is making my fevered brain worse by the moment.  Let’s stop this before it gets…any…crazzzzzzzzzzzzz


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky!

When I’ve taken photos of the sky, they never turn out the way I’d like them to.  I see big, puffy pillows or quilting patterns.  My camera sees white streaks on blue.  It never quite satisfies.

Sunsets, on the other hand, work beautifully.  In fact, because I get to focus on a small area, rather than the entire sky, I can often make the orange sky seem even more beautiful and pervasive.  I’m sure that the night I shot this, dusk was settling behind me, with all its blues and purples.  But I could cut that stuff out and focus solely on the big orange in front of me.  The weekly photo challenge, if you haven’t already guessed by the title, is SKY.  Check out some of the other bloggers.


Photo Friday: Sharp Focus (oh, and Happy Canada Day!)

Happy Canada Day!  Today, my one day off between school ending and exam marking beginning, I finished putting together my herb garden planter and planted the seeds.  It’ll be a lovely mix of mint, oregano, dill, rosemary, thyme, sage and…something else I’m forgetting…  It looks alright.  I had to cut a few extra pieces of wood for the base before laying in the fabric and rocks and planter soil, so I pulled out my new circular saw.  I got it for Father’s Day from my kids and wife and have not had the time nor weather to use it.  Today, I got to be all manly and absolutely destroy a piece of wood with no effort whatsoever.

On a side note (or not so side, seeing as how it’s in the title), Photo Friday’s challenge this week is “Sharp Focus.”  I figured, with the saw out and all, that if I focused on the blade, that would be a sharp focus.  Ha.