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Retro-chic; or, here’s what cameras used to look like.

On the left is the place where the photographer set the film speed (apparently, the last time I used this camera I was shooting a roll of ISO 200 film) and then, according to the light being allowed through the aperture, I set the shutter speed to 1/30 of a second.  The smaller, round, silver thingy is the shutter release.  It triggers the shutter and the shutter makes a satisfying “ka-chunk” when it is released.  The thing on the right is the “film-wind lever” and it moves the film forward, and the numbers inside that show how many exposures I’ve taken.

This is the way people used to take photos.  This is the way some people still take photos, although I would guess that many people will not recognize this in any way.  Oh well, it’s retro.



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