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All tied up in knots…

Head-covering is mandatory at the Gurdwara Sahib Kalgidhar Darbar, as is the separation of males and females.  Whether you’re a traditional practicing Sikh or a visitor to the temple, you must cover your head and remove your shoes before you have a seat on the plush carpeted floor.  There were a good number of incredible turbans all around me, but I didn’t feel out of place as there were even more men wearing bandanas like this one above.

I felt a certain amount of pride at my bandana.  A young man, traditionally and ceremonially dressed, greeted me at the door and asked which family I was with.  When I tried to explain that I was there for the groom, I was outfitted with a rose to wear on my shirt and a bandana that identified me with the family.  It was beautiful and so welcoming.  I felt like part of the team.




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