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Water Lily…all alone.

Don’t worry.  Its friends are just off to the right and left.  It’s not really alone.

It is pretty, though.  It is amazing that this little flower, this beautiful flower, is growing from these leaves that are clogging up the pond in which they grow.  It is hard to see the water in some places for all the lily pads lying on top.  Yet this little beauty makes the whole mess tolerable.  Maybe even enjoyable.


WordPress Photo Challenge: Broken

This is a detail from the Alexandra Bridge in the Fraser Canyon of British Columbia.  It is a disused automobile bridge, but is now only a pedestrian bridge on a lovely walking trail.  It has been abused, by both the graffiti artists and time.  The broken down look of this bridge’s pilings and foundations only add to its character.  In the missing surfaces and rusty guardrails, there is a sense that this bridge has seen and experienced (as much as an inanimate object can see and experience) a great deal of time and wear.  And in that wear is a beauty.  I can only hope that when I’m broken down my experiences will make me beautiful.

I understand Monet’s infatuation. Also, PHOTO FRIDAY

It’s a little overwhelming, I know, but I love all the green and white.  The water lily is pretty invasive.  Once it starts, it doesn’t stop.  Kind of like the feeling that I got staring at this pond and all of its lilies.  I kept finding new ways to take shots of it.  Hmm…I wonder if I have time to swing by again tomorrow?

Also, this enormous collection of water lilies is based on Photo Friday’s challenge this week.  Funnily enough, it’s ENORMOUS.

Sneaky Bee

Inside this rose is a little bee.  You can see him in the middle where it’s black instead of yellow.  He was in and out of this flower, back and forth, making sweet love to it (birds and bees and all that) but I couldn’t get a clear shot of him.  Maybe he’s a bit shy of having relationships in front of a camera and I was beeing a little intrusive.  Sorry, bee.  I’ll try to be more discreet in the future.


Black Beauty…or BEAST!

It’s a full frontal view of my K1000 – otherwise known as the Beast.  It’s about twenty pounds and made of steel.  Not really, but it is heavy and most of the parts are steel.  It’s still got some old beauty and a retro feel to it that makes me love it.  There’s no molded hand hold, no battery/auto rewind pack, no zoom lens.  Just a prime lens (with a great aperture of f1.7) and a light meter that tells me if I have too much or too little.  Beautiful.