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Whoever wears this helmet, if he be worthy…

…will possess the power of the mighty Thor.  No, wait.  That’s the hammer to which Odin was referring, not the helmet.  Sorry.  I got that all wrong.

On the other hand, given the mustache, this could be, say, Don Quixote.

Maybe a steampunk Iron Man, with Tony Stark circa 1981.  Actually, now that I think about it, that is much more interesting than the whole “Thor” thing.

It could be, however, that the artist who created this painting had nothing superhero-ish in mind at all.  Maybe it’s a comment on the way in which we’re all masked through our use of technology and that “nothing is but what is not.”  A sort of post-modern Macbeth-ian interpretation of our Facebooked, texted, Twittered society, wherein we guard ourselves against life by creating insular armor of emoticons and 140 character blurbs about our exercise regimens and bathroom habits.  Maybe the artist is begging us to embrace the humanity behind the armor, behind the guarded personalities we project through our use of smartphones and iPhones.

Or, maybe he just thought that a glowing aura helmet guy would look cool.



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  1. elmediat

    Other comic references could be Marvel’s Nova or Juggernaut . Aside from the geeky context, when you see this explosion of creativity looking for a place to express itself, it makes one happy & sad at the same time. The fact that this youthful creativity is out there is great, Yet, I can not help but feel society is not really nurturing it. In another time and place such individuals would paint their visions on walls for others and the artists would be known as wise mystics and shamans, instead of vandals.

    July 2, 2011 at 10:10 am

    • It’s funny. I never thought of Juggernaut at all, yet he’s probably the most like the portrait of all.

      I totally agree about the “happy & sad”. I’ve worked with art teachers who deride graffiti artists and state that “it’s not art.” Ha! Nice try. Come down and look at this stuff. This is not the impulsive work of someone with a territory-marking fetish.


      July 2, 2011 at 8:17 pm