(mostly) daily photoblog

Hey. New Photo! I did it!

I took this photo while I was at school today.  In fact, I’m still at school.  My friend Kris and I will be attending a scholarship dinner tonight in Abbotsford, so we decided to stay late, get some work done (or in this case, some photography), go to dinner, then go home.

This is a “lug” on the side of a conga drum in our band room.  I, once upon a time, wanted to be a drummer.  What I found was that my feet work or my hands work, but they don’t like to work together.  Yes, I can walk and move my arms, but anything more demanding than that and all heck breaks loose.  So I accepted my lack of coordination and moved on.  My obsession with things that make loud noises, however, has never been stronger.

Anyway, I’m off to Indian food for dinner.  Or, in other words, I’m off to show my stomach who’s boss and ingest more butter chicken and rice and naan bread than I really should.


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