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Bettie is a guitar girl

In the entrance to the EMP (and, yes, this will probably be the last post about it) is a gigantic cyclone of guitars and other musical instruments – a few keyboards, an accordian or two.  It is an impressive bit of modern, uh…sculpture?  It’s incredible, but what I really liked was that they’ve mounted these focal points, like Bettie Blue here, in amongst the rest of the instruments.

I don’t know who Bobby Ray is, but Bettie Blue looks like Bettie Page.  In fact, I’m pretty sure she is Bettie Page.  She was a pinup model back in the 1950’s.  That guitar looks like something a rockabilly band would use, like Brian Setzer and his band The Stray Cats or Reverend Horton Heat.  It’s just a great looking guitar.



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