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Tiny: an interpretation of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Let’s get one thing straight, right at the outset:  I would never try to kill myself in any kind of stupid way.  It’s just that I’ve always been fascinated with semi-trucks, ever since I was a kid.  The first one I got to stand next to made me feel so tiny, so when I see one now, it takes me back to my childhood feeling of smallness.  That said, I’m now over six feet tall and around two hundred fifty pounds, so feeling small doesn’t happen very often.

As I wrote yesterday, I’ve been taking back and side roads to avoid the highway and its traffic.   A couple of days ago, this truck and I were keeping the same pace, so I took out my camera and aimed, blindly (so to speak), out the window and snapped a few photos.  I had no idea what any of them would look like.  The five year old inside my head loves this photo.  It captures everything I love about big trucks and why I felt so small in their presence.


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  1. yikes is that right up there with talking on a cell phone….I remember the semi trucks…maybe it is in your genes…I have always wanted to drive a semi….

    May 25, 2011 at 6:49 pm