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What does joy look like?

I’m going to go with…this.  That’s what joy looks like.

Sun in the willows.

Yesterday as I was driving home, I took a detour through one of the farm roads near where I live.  We had an uncharacteristic hour or two of sun yesterday and the light was jumping off a grove of willow trees growing out along the boundary between one farm and another.  My camera, however, was at home, so I got off not one shot.

Today, hoping that providence would shine on me (and the trees) I hefted my camera into the passenger seat on the way home.  The sun did not disappoint.  While the surrounding areas were darkened by the clouds you can see above, those willows shone.  I love willow trees as long as they’re not in my yard and I don’t have to trim them or rake up after them.  In spring, they are wonderful and yellowy-green as they come back to life.  Apparently the sun and I share an appreciation of them.

My little girl is not so little. And by little I mean young.

This is my daughter.  She had a birthday almost a month ago.  Call it voluntary repression, call it denial, but I’m still not comfortable with the idea that she’s a decade old.  Because if she’s ten, I’m thirty-seven.


Ooh, baby. That’s a sexy muffin top.

Haha.  Did you know that “muffin top” just made the Oxford Dictionary?  Seriously, it did.

I did some baking tonight and these oatmeal chocolate chip muffins are really good.  Nobody in my house really likes pecans, so I had to avoid them even though I love them.  Other than that, these little babies are perfect.  Moist.  Tasty.  A little bit of chocolate.  Mmm…

Anybody interested?  I only made 12, but I might share…or…not.

A view from the seat.

This is a dragon boat.  I’ve taken the photo from the front end of the boat.  If you’ve not seen a dragon boat race, look it up.  They’re quite amazing.

A trip to the lake.

This is Cultus Lake.  I shot this about an hour ago.  I’m pretty psyched at the proximity of this lake to my house.  The kids and I whipped over to the lake and ate dinner in the car while looking at the vista.  I think I’m pretty lucky.

Let me “elaborate” on the Photo Friday challenge

Photo Friday’s challenge this week is “Elaborate.”  I had difficulty deciding on whether to try to illustrate the verb elaborate (to expand on something in detail) or the adjective (marked by complexity and intricate detail).  I decided, as you should see above, with the adjective, in the form of the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal.

I’ve been to the Vatican and to the Duomo in Florence and a number of other basilicas in Rome, Siena, Florence and Pisa.  For some reason, the Montreal Notre-Dame is my favorite basilica.  I think it’s the darkness of the interior, mixed with the deep but brilliantly lit blues.