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Is it weird to be obsessed with your own skin?

Ever since getting this tattoo it has been a source of constant reminding and explaining and inspiring.

Reminding because there are days in my life when I think it would be peachy to live for myself only.

Explaining because there are a remarkable number of people in this world who have such miniscule vocabularies that I have to explain what “vain” means.  Also, there are a remarkable number of people who think that because the word “vain” is near a VEIN that I might have misspelled it.  Ha!  Ridiculous.  Why would I want to remind myself not live in a vein?

Inspiring because when I look down at my left forearm I’m inspired to be more than my base instincts, be more than average, be more than myself.

I think I need a few more tattoos.  I might be superhuman with just two or three more.


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