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What do we expect of the beautiful?

This is a Japanese Ornamental Cherry tree.  It is beautiful and there are many of them around the area I live.  They do not, however, bear fruit.  Hence, the ornamental status.

Here’s the thing:  does beauty have to produce anything in order to be useful?  If something is beautiful, does it have to be productive, or should we just bask in its beauty?

If it’s a tree, most people, I think, would argue that its beauty is what it produces.  But what about other beautiful things?  What about beautiful people?  Do they have to produce anything?  From my experience, the most beautiful people are those who don’t know they are.  The humility they show makes them that much more beautiful.  On the other hand, I am nearly repulsed by people who know, or think, they’re beautiful and think the world owes them because of genetics and luck.

What do you think?


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