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Not what you want to see when you’re driving home.

I left work today and the sun was shining.  There were big, fluffy cumulus in the air and some nice, dark underbellies.  I was waiting for the clouds to burst open and soak me, but it didn’t happen.  I took the Whatcom connector (a new shortcut that makes the drive a lot shorter) and as I came over the hill I saw blacks and navies in the sky.  This is what I saw as I drove home.  Welcoming, isn’t it?

What’s funny is that it’s not the sky or the highway that scares me.  It’s the semi truck in the rearview mirror.  I’m not scared of trucks, or any objects that can’t chase on their own steam.  It’s the movie Duel by Steven Spielberg.  The film was made before I was born, but, ever since the first time I saw this film, I think of a semi truck chasing me with evil intent.  I never noticed the truck behind me while I was driving, but seeing it now in the photo that I took kind of weirds me out.

I think I’ll go check the window.  See if it’s still following me.


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