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Sunrise Zen (plus some Canadian cultural stereotypes)

I know that I’m perpetuating a Canadian stereotype by posting this photo (“…and yesterday’s,” he added, sotto voce), but the beauty of a snowy sunrise is nearly unsurpassed by any other experience.  The way the snow looks a kind of blue, but the orange of the fiery sunrise is also reflected, gives this snowy photo a kind of zen, cool calm.  The air, for your reference, was cool and brisk and the snow was dry (until I stepped through a thin layer of ice to find a big puddle).  I know dry snow might seem oxymoronical (it’s a word – if it wasn’t I couldn’t have said it and written it), but this snow is light and fluffy and can be swept from your car easily.  That’s the way I like my snow – that’s not the way I’d ever want to be described.  “Oh, yeah, Marc?  He’s light and fluffy and can be swept from your car quite easily.”

Oh, and for all of you thinking of heading north of the 49th parallel and asking for directions to the nearest snowmobiling or skiing venue, stop by my igloo.  It’s right across the street from the ice rink and skate park.  I’ll make sure you make it to your snow safely.


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