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I’d scream, too, if I had to walk out on that ledge.

This ledge is about 10 meters up from the ground (30 feet or so).  The adventurous artists who painted this bit of graffiti had to venture out on a SkyTrain rail after hours, climb over a safety railing and down onto the concrete and steel that holds up the whole enterprise and paint.  I’m not scared of heights, but I am afraid of falling.  Actually, I’ve ridden the Revelation at Playland in Vancouver.  It’s a 160 foot arm with seats at the opposite ends and it spins the riders at high speeds around and around again.  At one point, one feels as though he is about to be slammed into the ground.  I’m not afraid of that.

What I am afraid of is the final slam into the ground at the end.  Heights – no fear.  Falling – no fear.  Contact with the ground after a fall from a significant height – AFRAID.  I guess I’m just funny that way.


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  1. SWK

    That is some very detailed graffiti… amazed.

    March 21, 2011 at 5:13 am