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Photo Friday: Open (for business)

You have to love gas stations.  I only recently became aware of their appeal from a photographic standpoint.  We have this love/hate relationship with these places, don’t we?  American Pickers tells us that gas station signage from years past is more popular than ever.  Oil cans from yesteryear are collectors’ items.  There’s a nostalgic remembrance of the “good old days” when gas stations were full service (check out the blog Down The Road).  Most of us even have a story or two about a time when gas was cheaply purchased (102.9 is per liter, for my American friends and there’s about 4 liters to a gallon).

But we hate these places, too.  They’re always open because we have to drive.  Canada, I have realized after traveling a bit, is a huge place.  Everything is a driving distance away.  We even measure out where we live in reference to other landmarks by how long it will take to get there by car (with a little relativity based on the heaviness of your right foot).  We want to escape the gasoline strait jacket in which we’ve placed ourselves, yet few people are willing to give up their cars, trucks, SUV’s, crossovers, and so on.  Electric cars promise to get us out of this marriage of oily convenience, but even that seems like a promise too far down the road, so to speak.

But one thing we all know – the gas companies are always OPEN to help us out.

2 responses

  1. Great background shot too- with the franchised scenery!

    February 28, 2011 at 3:35 pm

  2. You know, I was just so bored and sick of waiting in line, but didn’t want to leave the line because Costco’s gas is cheaper than anywhere else in town. While I sat there and smelled the exhaust fumes of the guy in front of me I figured there might be a photo there.

    February 28, 2011 at 3:49 pm