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I don’t know what it says. Do you?

I am a lexophile.  I love words.  I love learning new words.  I love crossword puzzles, when I have the time, which is nearly never.  I love using a lovely or antiquated or cryptic word in a sentence only to notice that no one near me understands.  I love having someone say, “Well, if that’s what it means, why didn’t you just say that in the first place?”  I’ll tell you why.

I love the sound of a word.  It may mean the same thing as a more pedestrian word, but the more pedestrian the word, the more insipid it tastes and sounds.  In a time when the best imperative words are seen as bossy, when spelling seems to be under attack, when Twitter only allows me 140 characters, I take refuge in a nice, possibly polysyllabic, impossible-to-define in a word, word.

Here’s ten of my favorites (in no particular order):

1.  Queue (because it’s where I spend too much of my life).

2.  Antithetical (because I’m not living if I’m going along with everyone else).

3.  Aesthetic (because beauty can bring me to my knees) .

4.  Counterintuitive (because it is a route by which many people have found genius) .

5.  Feckless (because it describes too many people I know).

6.  Ennui (because it describes the state I wish to avoid).

7.  Altruism (because it’s what I’m striving for).

8.  Loquacious (because it describes me).

9.  Pulchritudinous (because it sounds exactly like what it is not).

10.  Voluptuous (because it sounds exactly like what it is).

Please feel free to post your favorite words here.  I love learning new words almost as much as I like using them.

Oh, and those of you wondering where this is all coming from?  I couldn’t read the word in the graffiti I’ve posted above, so I thought I’d talk about language.  Good enough?  I hope so.


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  1. Well said….

    February 21, 2011 at 8:42 am