(mostly) daily photoblog

Hmm…where does this lead?

I’ve written quite a bit about Simon Fraser University over the past week.  This will, in all likelihood, be the last SFU photo for a while.  The thing about this photo is that I honestly do not know where it might lead.  The reason for my lack of knowledge is twofold:  1. I’ve never walked to the end of this hallway.  I’ve never had reason to.  I’ve never been so overwhelmingly curious that I felt I had to.  2.  I cannot reason out, in my puny mind, where it might lead.  This is the basement of the Maggie Benson Building.  The building itself, like most of SFU, is built into the side or slope of Burnaby Mountain.  The building also has only so much space, and I’m pretty sure I’ve covered most of it, and yet this hallway seems to extend into what I can only predict is more workspace, but I don’t know.  It seems, in my brain, to extend into part of the mountain, because I know that there are no classrooms that are that far out of the building.  Perhaps this is a secret place, a special place.  Perhaps it’s where they put you when you don’t pay your tuition.

Or, maybe my brain isn’t as spacial as I’d like to think it is.  I guess I’ll have to wait to find out.


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