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Two puffs 4 times daily

I never needed an inhaler.  My only reference points for asthma were my grandma and Piggy (sorry Grandma) from Lord of the Flies (“Sucks to your ass-mar”).  Last May, however, I suddenly needed some assistance breathing.  I felt like a fat guy was sitting on my chest.  I couldn’t breathe fully.  I knew I wasn’t having a heart attack because there was no radiating pain down my left arm.  I didn’t know what was happening, but I was not enjoying it.  My doctor, later that day, prescribed an inhaler and a whole bunch of tests on my heart.

The inhaler worked almost immediately.  I felt a lot better.  Until I went for heart tests, that is.  Having an EKG test is an interesting mix of electrodes and sticky goo.  If I was a little more in touch with my masochistic side, I might have enjoyed it.  It turned out that my heart was fine.

Photo Friday‘s challenge this week is “Breathless”.  I thought of taking a photo of a set of stairs, which definitely makes me breathless.  This seemed less pathetic.


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