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Stop watching that clock. Stop it! Seriously!

How is it that something inanimate, a clock, can be such an enemy.  We feel like time is always running out, as seen on the clock, when we’re doing something we enjoy.  Time is standing still when we’re doing something we don’t like.  Time is running out when you get older, but not moving fast enough when we’re young.  A watched pot may never boil, but a watched clock never moves.  It seems that the more I look at my clock, which is no longer a wristwatch because my Blackberry Curve can tell me the time, the slower it seems to move.

About that, I’ve stopped wearing a watch entirely.  I have two great watches, one a Batman watch and one a dress watch.  I never wear them.  I thought it was some kind of breakthrough.  I no longer existed within normal time.  The world is full of clocks; why wear one?  It turns out I’ve become addicted to my smartphone because it does all kinds of things, the least of which is tell me what time it is.  I think I may have become more of a clock watcher now that I’ve stopped wearing a watch.  Sad…


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