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Keep on rockin’…those lips.

When I was young, I wanted to learn to play guitar.  I wanted to be the guy who the guys wanted to be and the girls wanted to be with.  I, however, learned to play the trombone.  Yup, the trombone.  The guy who can make comical sounds by moving the slide up and down.  The guy who, regularly throughout a concert, has to exercise the spit valve because the bottom of a trombone slide fills up with residual saliva while the player plays.  Ooh, that sounds sexy.  Probably my favorite part of playing a trombone was the ring around the lips that’s formed by slightly improper embouchure.  My lips looked like a small donut when I was finished a concert.

I’m pretty sure that all the guys in the audience wanted to be me.  And the girls, well, I married a trombone player.  It turns out they make really good kissers.  Haha, take that super-awesome guitar man.  How good are your lips?


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