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Have you ever jumped off a dock into a lake?

Have you ever jumped off a dock into a lake with total abandon?  Actually, have you ever done anything with total abandon?  Ridden your bike so hard that your legs couldn’t keep up?  How about riding the scariest roller coaster that you can find?  What about jumping off a ten meter cliff (that’s 30 feet for my American friends)?  Or doing whatever it is completely freaks you out?  There is that moment that you know that you are no longer in control and whatever it is you’re doing has you, moves you.

There is that moment when you’re in the air and there is no way you can Wile E. Coyote yourself back to the dock.  Your heart is pounding and you’re not sure where you are.  You know there’s no ground under your feet but you haven’t hit the water yet.  You know it’s going to be cold, and it matters not that you’ve been in and out of that water four times already.  It.  Is.  Cold.

SPLASH!  and you’re in.  The splash, that respite from the summer heat, is over before you’ve registered it.  You’re gasping for air as you surface and your brain registered an excited blank.  Just the high-pitched eeeeeeeeeeeeee of adrenaline and cortisol hitting your system.  Then the cheering, from you and any friends who are there with you.

It is way too cold to jump off the dock at Cultus right now.  It’s freakin’ January in Canada.  You’d have to be challenged in a special way to want to do this now.  But that dock had me thinking about abandonment of all sensibilities.  I’m jonesing for Spring, I guess.

On a photo related note, I don’t know what happened this weekend in Cultus Lake, but the water went green.  Usually it is a deep blue, but Saturday the water was green.  This is not PhotoShop trickery.  I did not touch the color saturation levels.  The lake was green.  But enough about the color.


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