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The kids are alright…aw, who am I kidding. My kids are awesome!

I have posted photos of my daughter quite often here on the blog.  My son, however, has not made as many appearances.  Now, one might come to the conclusion that I favor one child over the other, but that is not so.  The reason that I have more photos of my daughter than my son is two-fold.

One, my daughter is very much like me in that she can find almost any excuse to have to get out of the house.  Oh, we need some milk?  I’ll go get some.  You feel like an ice cream sundae?  I’ll go get one.  What’s that?  A bird is outside?  Let’s go.  I have “ants in my pants” as it were.  I cannot sit still, and neither can she.  So we leave the house on a Saturday morning or Sunday evening and go for a walk or a drive and along the way I take some photos that she is sometimes in.  Ben, on the other hand, wouldn’t leave the house in a fire.  He would say,”Aww…do I have to escape this burning building?”  “Can I stay here until you guys get back?”  So I have less photos of Ben because he’s rarely with me when I have my camera ready.

And two, the boy is incredibly energetic and does not know how to stay in one spot for any length of time.  That might sound counter-intuitive.  He can’t sit still but will not leave the house?  Yup.  When I finally do get him outside near a lake or river or forest or tree, he is like a hummingbird.  I think I’ve got a great shot, I set the aperture, change the shutter speed and he’s gone.  I don’t like to shoot my camera on Automatic, but with him it’s nearly the only choice.

But how could I ever favor one over the other?  I love them equally, but differently.


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  1. …ok…..now I miss him even more…..great pic….love you both

    January 23, 2011 at 7:28 pm