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Thanks, to our unexpected hero.

Today we took the Skytrain into Vancouver.  I took this shot by placing my camera upside down on the ceiling of the train car.  The kids like to take the train because they get to see the Lower Mainland from a different perspective than the back seat of the family minivan.  We’ve done this trip a few times.  Today we took Ben and Hannah to the end of the line; then we made a switch and took the SeaBus across to the Lonsdale Quay.  We had lunch and got a couple of Beavertails – think Elephant ears, but more Canadian.

Along the way, at the Commercial Drive station, a number of rather rowdy, drunken (at 11:00 in the morning) young men climbed on the train.  Before I had a chance to turn away from my children to ask them to tone down the language, another passenger turned to them and asked them to watch their language as there were children on board and nearby.  He didn’t have to say anything – it is public transit after all, and I’ve had to deal with less appropriate behavior on public transit before.  He had no reason to put himself between these drunks and my kids – but he did.  For that, I’m thankful.  I managed to thank him, but I can’t thank him enough.  At a time of the year when we all do a little too much staring at our feet, thinking about what we need to do and not what we can do for others, this guy acted altruistically.  The hard part for me, right now, is that I don’t know his name.

It turns out that our “good samaritan” works at the Apple Store in Pacific Center in Vancouver.  If you see a young man, bearded and bespectacled in a nice pair of RayBans, in the Apple Store in Pacific Center, thank him for me.  He’s an awesome guy.


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