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Happy New Year (almost)!

I was pushed a little by this week’s Photo Friday challenge:  Best of 2010.  So here’s my best of 2010.  It’s not a photo I’ve posted before, so it’s not my best photo of 2010.  I think it’s a good one, though, but there were better photos taken on the family camping trip on the Oregon Coast.  It is, however, tied to my best memory of 2010.  It was the best camping trip my family’s ever taken.  Despite the weather, the trip was great.  Thanks, 2010, for a great year.  Now, get out of here.  Go take a rest.


Bowling with the kids.

Good golly she’s growing up.  Stop.  Stop growing up.

Maybe I don’t understand Christmas…

This is in Metropolis at Metrotown in Burnaby, BC.  Now, I consider myself pretty steeped in Christmas tradition.  I know who Saint Nicholas was.  I know where the modern images of Santa Claus comes from.  I’m pretty sure I know the pagan origins of the modern Christmas tree.  I get that lights on the tree used to be candles (can you say safety hazard?).  I understand the Christmas story well enough to know that the Magi should probably be somewhere in your kitchen if your nativity is in the living room because most accounts have them showing up to Mary and Joseph and Jesus sometime between the birth and second birthday of Christ.  I know that shepherds were the lowest of the low, making them the perfect messengers of the message that the savior of all had just been born.

What I don’t know how to explain is the freaking huge horse above.  Oh, I get that it looks like a rocking horse and that it might be a traditional Christmas gift, but who thought, “Hey, it’s Christmas.  We should build a gigantic horse and let parents and children ride in it.”  It seems like something that should be at a carnival, not in a Christmas display.  Why not a giant Rudolph?  Or a rocking sleigh?

Maybe I just don’t understand Christmas.

You think you’ve had a bad day?

Luke, quick!  Your lightsaber is just off to your left.  Just use the force and you’ll be able to avoid the scary Wampa heading your way.

Uh…I might have a little too much psychologically invested in Star Wars.  Thanks a lot, George Lucas.

My son got a lot of Lego for Christmas and all of it was Star Wars, which is to say I got to live vicariously through my son as we, I mean he, got to build all of it.  Awesome!

How big are your nuts?

Is that title too suggestive?  I don’t think so, given that this fellow, a nutcracker, was taller than me.  I’m over six feet tall and I definitely had to look up to him.  He was standing guard at the entrance to the kids area at the Vancouver Christmas Market, a traditional German market where you could learn about chocolate, eat bratwurst, and drink beer while checking out handmade crafts and fruit preserves.

I’m not sure why he’s on guard duty.  I guess the Rat King keeps trying to go into the kids area to make his own chocolate Santa lollipop.