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Doomed to repeat history? Not if we have anything to do about it.


My daughter and I walked to the local Remembrance Day ceremony near our house.  We moved to the community of Chilliwack, BC, less than six months ago and I’ve not attended a Remembrance Day ceremony here in Chilliwack since I used to play in a brass band almost a decade ago.  I was not sure how large the crowd was going to be, but we left our house late and had nowhere to stand to see the proceedings.  I managed to get a few good shots of the army personnel standing post on the four corners of the cenotaph, but we were too far out on the peripheral to see much.

As a pacifist, I get a lot of flak from my students and colleagues about Remembrance Day.  I’ve been responsible for the ceremony at our school for the last few years and at the same time hold with a pacifist world view.  This is a sticking point for some of my colleagues.  It’s not as much of a cognitive dissonance as one might think.  If we remember what others have done for us in the name of freedom and self-sacrifice, we’ll not make the same mistakes that led to the need for the sacrifice in the first place.  I may be a pacifist, but I’m also pro-active.  If problems are addressed in a non-violent way at the start of the problem then they’ll not turn into something that needs to be dealt with violently.

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