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X marks the spot

Mt. Cheam: beeyooteefull…

One thing I’ve always found amusing is that everyone I know who lives in Chilliwack can’t help talking about two things at this time of the year:  Mount Cheam and the snow level.  As we near the winter solstice, the snow level on the local mountains creeps down.  This makes sense – the mountains are tall and when it’s below 5 degrees in the valley (where I live), it’s below zero on the mountains (these temperatures are in Celsius, for my American friends).  Thus, there is snow on the mountains and as the temperature drops so does the snow level.  Yet, there are few people in Chilliwack who don’t take the time to point out that the snow level is dropping.

Hands (Photo Friday)


A little submission for Photo Friday’s “Hands” challenge.  This is my daughter and her grandpa playing piano duets.  Pretty sweet, actually.

Vivid M&M’s…mmmmmmmmmmm

I needed a photo that showed “vivid” for Photo Friday.  I don’t know what’s more vivid than a bunch of giant cannisters of candy.  Maybe what’s more vivid is the effect it might have on the kids who get to eat all that candy.

That’s pretty…

Really pretty.