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This is what 18000 motivated student leaders look like.

Al Gore, during his We Day speech, told the 18000 students in attendance that they are not “our future”; rather, they are our present.  He exhorted them to think of themselves as the people who would solve the world’s problems and to start now.  He then made an analogy that I’d never known.  When the Apollo program put a Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969, the average age of the people in NASA’s mission control was 26.  This means that when JFK made the speech in 1961 that the USA would put a man on the moon within the decade, the average age of those same mission controllers was 18.  They heard the challenge in 1961 and eight years later they provided the response.  We have to stop thinking of our students as the future and start thinking of them as our present.  Thanks, Al Gore, for putting things in perspective.


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  1. “We Day” and “Me to We” are incredible sources of inspiration for young leaders. I hope you and your class had an amazing time – did it spark any social activism?

    Great photos – keep ’em coming!

    October 20, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    • My class is very inspired. In fact, even though I feel sick as the proverbial dog, three students and I are going to PoCo to plan out our year as a “Me to We School.” Thanks for the encouragement.

      October 21, 2010 at 8:35 pm