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What? Two posts in one day?

I forgot to post something for Photo Friday.  This week’s challenge is “Fluffy” so I went back to a rather fluffy self portrait.  Honestly, I don’t enjoy putting myself in front of the camera.  I am quite comfortably ensconced behind the lens at most social events, school events, family events, well…everywhere.  I think my wife has a great number of pictures of me taking pictures.  This was a cold morning while I was out with my daughter taking photos of the sunrise.  I shot this in the sideview mirror of my vehicle.  Objects truly are bigger than they appear.

Hint of a storm.

I like when you can see the hint of a storm in the offing.  The clouds up and to the left have a touch of grey that suggests we’re in for a fun afternoon.  It turned out to be a nice day, but that grey lining never left, always threatening.  In fact, now that I think about it, what’s that junk about a cloud having a silver lining?  If silver is a type of grey, then a silver lining would be a bad thing, no?

Wow, I’ve not posted in a while.

I’m sick.  Boohoo.  Does someone have a remedy for a head that feels as though it’s stuffed with cotton?

Here’s a farm.  Meh.

Notre Dame in Black and White

I was going through my photos from Montreal and found this one.  It’s hard to believe that I haven’t posted this.  I found Mary’s halo of stars quite interesting.  I’ve not seen a great number of Catholic churches – I mean, I’ve been to Italy and seen more than my share – but I’ve not seen a church with a facade that looks like this.  It’s simple and beautiful, and Mary has stars.  I’m sorry.  I can’t get over this.  Does anyone know what it means?

Vancouver’s urban beauty.

I love Vancouver.  I visit it as often as possible.  It is one hour, by car, away from my house.  There are so many streets I have not gotten to know as well as I would like, but this is an area I know pretty well.  This is the corner of Thurlow and Melville.  It’s a block and a half from Christchurch Cathedral, and a few blocks from the center of downtown.  It’s not far from Vancouver Art Gallery (my kids’ favorite spot in Vancouver) and only a couple of blocks from the waterfront.

I’ve been to Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Rome, Nice, Barcelona…and they all have nice things to offer, but I love Vancouver.  The glass and steel of this young city (only a hundred and twenty some years old) makes me smile and feel warm.  I’ve never lived in the city and which probably explains my infatuation, but it feels comfortable to visit.  Vancouver is my close relative I like to visit, but wouldn’t want to live with.  Absence makes the heart stay fond.