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Photo Friday: Daybreak, or how to take photos in your underwear without the neighbors noticing.

Happy Friday!

I’ve posted a nearly identical shot back in July, but this is a submission to http://www.photofriday.com/, so I worked the other photo I took that morning.

Here’s how to take a similar photo:

1.  Awaken to high winds and climb out of bed to investigate.

2.  Close every window in the house.

3.  Pass the patio door and realize that 5:13 in the morning is a great time to take sunrise photos.

4.  Grab camera and wander onto deck in skivvies.

5.  Take two photos, just in case.

6.  Head back to bed and snuggle against significant other to warm up.

7.  Receive stern warning about snuggling at “ungodly hour.”

So that’s it.  Seven steps to a great daybreak photo.  Good luck.


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