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Our Lady of Good Help

The chappelle Notre Dame de Bon Secours stands in old Montreal and the rear of the building overlooks Montreal’s waterfront.  Mary is keeping an eye out for danger.  Good old Mary.  She might want to keep her on that seagull.

Notre Dame, Montreal

I have little energy and little time.  Sorry.  Here’s the Notre Dame basilica in Montreal, Quebec.


Yo, DJ. Play that song again.

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Montreal looking over a great number of photos I’ve shot over the last six days.  I’m in Montreal for the Canadian Student Leadership Conference.  The graffiti above is in one of the hallways in Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School.  The conference has been awesome, except for one thing…

I’ve been getting a bit sick of the music that’s been played at the conference for the last three days.  Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”, Flo Rida’s “Club can’t handle me”, and Ke$ha anything.  If I never hear these songs again it might be too soon.  The kids love the songs, but I think even they are starting to feel a bit tired of the DJ playing the same songs again and again.  I know I am.

Quebec bridges at sunset – Unforgettable

So…I’m in Quebec right now.  In the last four days I’ve seen Montreal and Quebec City and learned a great deal about Canadian history.  These two bridges are the Quebec and Pierre Laporte bridges.  They span the St. Lawrence River and take travelers into Quebec City.  I took this shot while on the SS Joliet, a dinner and dance boat that travels out from the port of Quebec City into the St. Lawrence River, out to the bridges and then back.  We were treated to a beautiful sunset on the river, and then made it back to the city as the lights came on at night.  La Belle Province, indeed.

Ain’t no sunrise like a Cultus Lake sunrise, cuz a Cultus Lake sunrise don’t stop…

Ooh, is that Coolio?  If you don’t know Coolio, look him up, you whippersnapper.  My daughter and I were listening to a CD on the way to the lake – a compilation of hip-hop songs from the late ’80’s and early ’90’s – that has Coolio’s “1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New) on it.  Besides Coolio, it includes songs like “MistahDobalina” (Del the Funkee HomoSapien), and “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” (Tribe Called Quest).  My daughter thought the songs sounded hilarious – me, it took me back to my job at the mall in 1989 selling clothing at Bootlegger (a Canadian chain of young adult retail stores).  It took me back to the following list of things that I hope are never revived by the fashion industry, music industry, or, well, any industry:

1.  Baggy pants with high waists.  Seriously?

2.  Big hair put in place with Final Net.  No one thought that much alcohol under that much pressure was a bad idea?

3.  Polka-dot rayon shirts.  Silk shirts.  Wha…?

4.  Fido Dido.  Really?

5.  Vanilla Ice style.  Worst abomination of a song using a Queen and David Bowie sample.  And the hair and dancing…argh!

6.  Suspenders.  If you are not wearing clown pants, dress pants, or are a lumberjack, these are not necessary.

7.  Tight pants and loose baggy shirts.  Yechh…

If you would care to add anything to this list, feel free to drop response.

Oh, and the photo, it’s a sunrise on Cultus Lake.  It was just something I shot after listening to music from my youth.