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Where has all the glamour gone?

My wife and I went to Las Vegas on Sunday – a little getaway for three nights before the summer’s over.  We flew on Allegiant out of Bellingham, WA.  The great thing about flying out of a tiny regional airport is that you get to walk on the tarmac to get on the plane.  I’ve done this a couple of times, flying out of Grande Prairie, Alberta and Fort St. John, BC, but I’ve never had the chance to climb in the back end of a plane.

When I’ve walked down gangplanks in so many airports I’ve felt like I was getting on a bus.  There’s no glamour in it.  Walking on the tarmac reminds me of the long-gone days of the rich and fabulous jet-setting around the world.  When I get into the plane all that glamour disappears, but for that one great moment I feel like I’ve been transported back a few decades.


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