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Portland Tourism owes me for this one.

On the way back from the Oregon Coast, which was beautiful and cold and wet and not very sunny at all, the Family B stopped in for a couple of days in Portland.  My ulterior motive, knowing that our stay would be short and mostly centered around the kids and their interests, was to get to Powell’s Books.  Specifically the City of Books on Burnside in downtown Portland.  I love this place.  You can look up the history, because it is really interesting, but to me it’s just a gigantic bookstore.  I am a bibliophile to the point that I buy books that I don’t even read because some day I’ll want to read it and then it will already be in my bookshelf.

On the second day in Portland we took the kids to the Oregon Zoo and then the family indulged my wife and we went to see Pittock Mansion.  This house has four floors and about 4000 square feet of floor space on each floor (the perfect summer cottage – ha!).  The extravagance of the house is offset by the facts that the Pittocks, who built the house, only spent their last years in the house and Mr. Pittock spent his entire life amassing the fortune that would allow him to build such a house, only to die within four years of moving into it.  Sad story, amazing house.

Happy bookstore, sad mansion, fun family vacation.


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