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Went hiking; found life (and pain and exhaustion and sweat).

The hike up to Lindeman Lake, which we did not reach, is beautiful.  It’s a 215 meter gain from the bottom to the top of the trail and I think we made it about 2/5 of the way.  My kids had two reactions:  1.  This is amazing!  Why is it so green?  Ohmygosh that’s water flowing downhill at a rapid rate!  Can we do this again? and; 2.  Let’s run up here as quickly as possible!

My wife and I, on the other hand, were gasping, hyperventilating, gasping, sweating (well, she was glistening) and thinking of the pain we were going to experience on the next day.  We slowed the kids down and they, wonderfully, waited for us and looked at us like zoo exhibits (the mid-30’s sloth comes to mind).  We convinced them we’d come back another day and finish the hike because there was no way we were finishing the hike.

The photo above shows what the scenery is like on the hike up.  It’s beautiful.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f5.6; ISO 400; 1/50 sec.

One response

  1. This looks like climbing the Pacaya….
    You are amazing with the camera….but then you are amazing without the camera too!
    Love ya! Mom

    August 1, 2010 at 2:42 pm