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Reach for the sky (Photo Friday)

The one thing I can remember from third or fourth grade is the topic of photosynthesis.  I know that the little branch, above, is reaching for the sky because otherwise it will not get the sunlight it so desperately needs to live.  It’s amazing that something as big as a tree depends on something as small as a leaf to live.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f11; ISO 100; 1/160 sec.

Summer flower

I like flowers.  They’re so pretty.  Pretty flowers.  So pretty…

Sheesh…I’m kind of brain-dead tonight.

Pentax K20D; Pentax M SMC 50mm; f1.7; ISO 100; 1/125 sec.

Shadows and Water

Another photo from the Lindeman Lake hike.  “Post Creek” runs out from Lindeman Lake.  Both are fed by a glacier in the area.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f3.5; ISO 100; 1/160 sec.

Went hiking; found life (and pain and exhaustion and sweat).

The hike up to Lindeman Lake, which we did not reach, is beautiful.  It’s a 215 meter gain from the bottom to the top of the trail and I think we made it about 2/5 of the way.  My kids had two reactions:  1.  This is amazing!  Why is it so green?  Ohmygosh that’s water flowing downhill at a rapid rate!  Can we do this again? and; 2.  Let’s run up here as quickly as possible!

My wife and I, on the other hand, were gasping, hyperventilating, gasping, sweating (well, she was glistening) and thinking of the pain we were going to experience on the next day.  We slowed the kids down and they, wonderfully, waited for us and looked at us like zoo exhibits (the mid-30’s sloth comes to mind).  We convinced them we’d come back another day and finish the hike because there was no way we were finishing the hike.

The photo above shows what the scenery is like on the hike up.  It’s beautiful.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f5.6; ISO 400; 1/50 sec.

Too tired to write – here’s the moon.

Two shots of the moon, taken from my deck at different apertures and different speeds.  I’d tell you more but I spent the last two days digging up my front yard to make a new planting bed, and now I need to go to my bed.  G’night.