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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


I don’t like Photoshop effects that make a photo look unreal, unless the effect that the “photographer” is going for is something other than real. I do use it for my photos – specifically curves and levels – to change the contrast, but I try to avoid the bulk of what Photoshop offers me.

I also avoid self-portraits, or, truth be told, any photographs of me. I’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

Those two bits of info make this photo unique. I shot this photo of myself, then processed it by layering me on top of the background, then Gaussian blurred the background layer and switched it to black and white. Then I played with the top layer, me, a little be lowering the saturation level. Plus, it’s a photo of me.

I got my hair cut today as well, so I figured today was a good day to “shoot myself”, as it were.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Illumination

taman sari sunrise
I took this shot at the Taman Sari Bali resort in North-western Bali. I got up hoping for a beautiful sunrise. What I got was this…not what I was looking for, but still kind of pretty. A little illumination from the sliver of sunlight.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Hopes spring eternal

I was texting my wife while my feet were up on my desk in my office at work.  She asked me how my day was going.  I believe I answered something like, “Craptastic.”  She asked why and I explained that there had been a snafu regarding thirty of my English 11 exams and that there was a steady stream of other craptacular things happening.  She suggested I do something about this, and I answered her, in a text, with the following:

“The past cannot be undone. Only through how we handle the present will we show our true character. Whether we help those in front of us, deal with the situation we are currently facing – these are the things that determine our direction for the future.”

And isn’t that what hope is?  Believing that the outcome of present circumstances will be positive.  So don’t dwell on the past.  Don’t spend your day dreaming of the future.  Believe that your circumstances will turn out positively and then put your hope into action.

And then?  Put your feet up.

WordPress’ Photo Challenge this week is “Hope“.

WordPress Photo (Friday) Challenge: Texture (that’s Near)

Thank you WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge and Photo Friday for picking topics this week that could fit into one photo for me.  Wordpress chose “Texture” and Photo Friday chose “Near”.  I think this works for both.  This was shot almost two months ago at the Alexandria Bridge in the Fraser Canyon of BC.  I hope you like it.

Path through history: WordPress Photo Challenge

I had the privilege to escort five students to a National Student Leadership Conference last September.  The conference was in Quebec, Montreal specifically, but we did a three day tour of Quebec City and Montreal before the conference.  I loved “la belle province” and had a great time.  It seemed that no matter where I went in the old city of Quebec I ran into history.  When the WordPress Photo Challenge came up this week with “Path” this was the first photo I thought of.  It’s a path laid down by men a couple of centuries ago.  A little path to history.

Weekly Photo Challenge, part two: Up (in the air)

When we bought the trampoline last summer, my son was at times curious about it, at times petrified.  The most he would do was bounce and only when no one was on with him.  This summer he seems to think that he’s Dick Grayson (the original Robin in the Batman comics) of the Flying Graysons.  He’s gone from terrified to a holy terror on the trampoline.

As a kid, I never had a trampoline, so watching my own kids is full of terrifying excitement for me.  I’m always curious to see what they’ll do next, with my thumbs ever-ready to phone 9-1-1.

Weekly Photo Challenge: UP!

The kids and I had a wonderful weekend, with a lot of activity.  This is but one.  It’s not the most beautiful photo from a technical standpoint, but it’s one of the most beautiful photos I’ve taken because it’s my daughter executing a possible broken neck over a sprinkler shooting through a trampoline.  Not a great backdrop, nor is it in the best focus, but it’s fun.

Oh, and she’s UP.


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

Easily the most colorful event I’ve attended within my own country (Canada is colorful, but not like a Guatemalan market) was the Indian wedding earlier this month.  It was amazing.  The bride, above, was a vision of beauty, but I loved seeing her brothers (?  Cousins?) escort her through the temple.  The red bandanas marked them as part of the bride’s side of the wedding.  At my wedding, everyone just sat on one side of the church or the other to denote who they were with.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky!

When I’ve taken photos of the sky, they never turn out the way I’d like them to.  I see big, puffy pillows or quilting patterns.  My camera sees white streaks on blue.  It never quite satisfies.

Sunsets, on the other hand, work beautifully.  In fact, because I get to focus on a small area, rather than the entire sky, I can often make the orange sky seem even more beautiful and pervasive.  I’m sure that the night I shot this, dusk was settling behind me, with all its blues and purples.  But I could cut that stuff out and focus solely on the big orange in front of me.  The weekly photo challenge, if you haven’t already guessed by the title, is SKY.  Check out some of the other bloggers.


It’s refreshing to see concern for others (weekly photo challenge)

I don’t know who this “Home Boy” is, but it’s nice to see that someone’s looking out for him.  I mean, it could be a personal message from one tagger to another, letting the homeboy know that his bro knows he’s lonesome.  It could be just an observation by an objective observer of the human condition.

On the other hand, it could be a lonesome home boy crying out to the world, letting everyone who sees this message know that he, the home boy, is lonesome.

I’m not sure what the point was, but someone felt a strong enough concern that the message had to be spray-painted on a wall.  I feel encouraged.



WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn (out)

These are my son’s jeans.  They are worn out – in the knees, anyway.  My wife, with her wonderful sensibility, has relegated these jeans to only certain jobs, like washing the car, working or playing in the yard, and (maybe) visiting family on the weekend.  Definitely not church or school functions.

For me, they bring me back to my style of clothing in twelfth grade.  My “uniform” in my grad year was worn-out, torn jeans and offensive t-shirts, somewhat hidden under plaid, flannel shirts.  I looked like a refugee from a Nirvana concert.  Yup, so cool.

Oh, and this week’s photo challenge on WordPress is Worn.  Check it out.


Tiny: an interpretation of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Let’s get one thing straight, right at the outset:  I would never try to kill myself in any kind of stupid way.  It’s just that I’ve always been fascinated with semi-trucks, ever since I was a kid.  The first one I got to stand next to made me feel so tiny, so when I see one now, it takes me back to my childhood feeling of smallness.  That said, I’m now over six feet tall and around two hundred fifty pounds, so feeling small doesn’t happen very often.

As I wrote yesterday, I’ve been taking back and side roads to avoid the highway and its traffic.   A couple of days ago, this truck and I were keeping the same pace, so I took out my camera and aimed, blindly (so to speak), out the window and snapped a few photos.  I had no idea what any of them would look like.  The five year old inside my head loves this photo.  It captures everything I love about big trucks and why I felt so small in their presence.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Roses are red (but sometimes not – sometimes they’re yellow, white, pink, salmon, and more)

Violets are blue (huh?  I thought violet was more purple than blue.  Look, I’m slightly color blind and even I know that violets are not blue)

Sugar is sweet (uh…duhr…)

And so are you.

So what have we learned here?  If I’m the speaker of the poem, my knowledge of roses is incomplete; I can’t tell my colors apart; I am good at pointing out the obvious; I hope that you won’t notice the insipid and erroneous nature of everything I’ve said so far and won’t you please love me.

Yeesh…that poem sucks.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

I chose to interpret this week’s challenge loosely.  This is the produce of some of our local “wildlife”.  They produce some of our best underground art and, I’m sure, live some of the more wild lives among our local culture of denial and blissful ignorance.

Ouch.  A bit rough on the locals.

Photo Friday and WordPress Photo Challenge, together again

I think it’s nice that Photo Friday and the WordPress Photo Challenge can work together so that I have less work to do.  Photo Friday’s challenge this week is Minimalist and the Photo Challenge from WordPress is One.  Here’s my photo of a lonely tree standing out against this evening’s sunset.  I was hoping to catch the sunset proper as it was a gigantic ball of orange on the horizon.  Alas, I was thwarted by how quickly the sun sets this far away from the summer solstice.

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone.

Sight line.

I was in Manning Park last night for a Pro-D retreat for my school’s staff.  It’s only an hour and a half away from where I live, but this was the scene to which I awoke this morning.  I got up around 6:00 and waited, patiently, for the sun to crest the nearby mountain.  I proceeded from one vantage point to another, until I spied this little path through which the rising sun was peeking.  The line of sight was such that I kept thinking that if I walked towards the sunlight I might pop out in Narnia.

Check out Photo Friday and The Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress for today’s inspiration.


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