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The Kawasaki I didn’t know existed

lombok binter

I love bikes like this.  Classic, although it is probably from the 1980′s.   The saddlebags really round it out.

Before seeing this beauty, I had no idea that Kawasaki made a bike called a “Binter.”  I’m a Honda guy, but this bike looks great.  I kind of wanted to take it for a ride.

What do you think?



One of our many examples of graffiti here in the Kemang area of South Jakarta.

I went for a ride on Saturday and found many more examples of what’s happening around here in street art. There’s some crap, some territorial scrawlings, but there’s also some really beautiful, really well-done art.

I’ll let you decide into which category this falls.

She’s been watching me


I’ve found some new-found freedom here in the Big Jak.  I’ve been driving my motorcycle a lot this week, now that I finally have licence plates for it, and it’s given me some ability to get around and snap photos that I’ve not had the opportunity to take.

This girl, painted on a wall at a corner on a one-way section of Jalan Kemang Raya, watches me every time I go by her.  Today, I got out and took her picture.  I like her headband-ears.

Now that I’ve got mobility, I think it’s time to find some more street art.



Or is it “peek-a-Benz”?

Photo Friday: Close


I find that when I put my camera on the ground, or upside-down on a train ceiling, or against a wall, I get the most interesting results, just because it’s close to something.

Hey! Chloe! Look!


It’s the cat.

A few days ago…maybe a week?…I posted a photo of an alleyway leading to a vanishing point, and my photog friend Chloe asked if there was a cat at the end.  I asked, ‘Why?’  She replied, ‘I don’t know.  It just seems like there should be a cat down at the end.’

Well, there are two cats that hang out at the end of the alley, and today, on my way home, one of them was lying in the drainage ditch catching some zzz’s.  I stopped and snapped this photo, Chloe, so you could see one of the two little furry friends that I have in that alley.

Vespas, Graffiti, and Frustration


These Vespas are on the way to school.  I’m in the market for a motorcycle right now, and if the rules for buying one get any more complex and the “ease” of getting one gets any less easy, I may make an offer on one of these.  Maybe the one without the seat.

Shadows make things interesting

…even when the message is not that interesting.

I caught this one this morning.  The sun was actually shining and we had blue sky all day in Jakarta.  That makes no sense to my experience as of late, so it was nice to see the anomaly of nice weather.

By the way, the message above is, ‘Don’t dump your garbage in this gutter.’  Without the shadows, it’s just another warning.

Kemang alleys

The most fun way to get around on foot is to take these back alleys.  I often am not sure where I’m going to end up, but that’s the adventure of wandering through back lanes.

It should be said that most of these alleys are, in fact, full roads that are used by motorcycles and cars.  And no, they’re not really big enough for that, but that’s how they’re used.

Datsun 510…Kemang Style


This Datsun is parked in the alleyway that I walk to work.  I’ve snapped a couple of photos of it, and the last time I did the owner was quick to inform me that it was for sale.  I guess he spotted me checking it out and figured maybe he could get rid of it.  I’ve actually always liked these cars, so it would have been a good fit, it I weren’t living in Jakarta.

The road not taken…

…my apologies to Robert Frost.

There are so many walkways, pathways, alleyways, and streets here in Jakarta Selatan that I’ve not walked yet, but it is fun taking photographs of them.

Tiny motorcyclist


Before I moved to Indonesia, I had seen photos of South Asian families riding on motorcycles.  The whole family.  Parents, kids, babies with groceries, backpacks and whatever else all packed on what we, in Canada, referred to as a scooter.  Some little 125cc Honda.

Then I got here and witnessed it for myself.  One part of me is excited at the prospect of getting a motorcycle and riding around Jakarta streets.  The parent in me has little, maybe no, interest at getting my kids on my bike and riding with me.

How does the saying go?  When in Rome?  or Jakarta?

The Vespa


The Vespa is alive and well around here in Jakarta.  This one?  Not so much.


I love the house numbers in the Kemang area of Jakarta Selatan (South).  I haven’t been around enough of the rest of this city to say how they number houses there, but around here house numbers are often painted on in what look like numbers and letters from a retro cartoon show.  It’s like the artists from “Jonny Quest” or “Speed Racer” were commissioned to paint street and house markers.

The waiting game

On the way home today, I snapped this shot while walking with my son this afternoon.  Sometimes one has to wait a little to get the right shot.  There was traffic coming towards me as I was shooting this, but I waited until they all passed by and I was able to get this shot of a father and his child, holding hands, looking at flowers.

I think it was worth the wait.

Fellow commuter

I met this guy coming down one of the last stretches of my commute before I turn towards my school.  I think he was trying to duck out of my photo, which is why he’s nearly not in it.

My (least) favorite form of transportation

Yeah, so…the Bajaj.  It’s pronounced “Bah Jye” and it is my least favorite way of getting around Jakarta.  Here’s the good:  it’s cheap and quick and the drivers maneuver in and out of cars to effectively take the longest but fastest route.

But…they smell, they pollute, are often dirty, and, because I’m over six feet tall and weigh more than two hundred pounds, very small. Even most of the drivers don’t really fit inside their own vehicles.

Despite that, they are fun to photograph.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Distorted

There are a lot of ways to muck up a photo, to really distort it.

The two photos above are the product of boredom.  I went out onto my front porch, adjusted the shutter speed to 2 seconds, changed the aperture to f8, aimed down the rain-soaked street and pulled the trigger.  As I felt the camera straining against the shutter, I moved my hands in any direction.  Loops.  Zigzags.  Crazy shapes.  Then I checked the LCD to see what kind of distortion I had done to my street.

The product is what you see above.  Weird, but I like them.

In this post: wet streets and street lights

Yesterday, apparently, was the last day of joy in the Lower Mainland.  It was sunny and cold and beautiful.  The sunset (check last night’s post) was gorgeous.  Today?

Today, the temperature dropped.  Wet slush fell from the sky.  It’s currently raining so hard that I have to turn up the television.  The Lower Mainland’s winter has started.



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