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BIG Bond…the wordpress photo challenge

This week’s photo challenge is BIG.  I am in Kuala Lumpur at the moment and found this very big James Bond overlooking a major traffic route.  I guess they really like James Bond around here.

Paramount theater…shh…

…this is the way to get into the theater the cheap way.  All you need is a crowbar…and a DVD…and a projector…and sound syst…

You know what?  This is no longer the cheap way into the theater.

Oh well…I tried.

Inner City: Photo Friday

I went downtown in my city, Chilliwack, yesterday and snapped this shot.

I’ve always loved this old theater.  My wife and I, when we were dating, went to see a couple of movies in this theater.  Schindler’s List and Dragon:  The Bruce Lee Story.  It was old then, but it had character.

The company that owned this theater sold it to the city a couple of years ago for something like a dollar.  I think it may have been only a dollar.  The intent, as I gathered it, was that the city would do something with it and turn it into something for the community.

So far…nothing.  The neon tubes, which is hinted at in the shadows on the PARAMOUNT sign, are gone or broken or falling apart.  The windows are boarded up.  It looks sad.

It could be a foundation for a revitalized downtown area.  Instead, it is an anchor holding it down.

Snowflakes + Star Wars = AWESOME!

I love Christmas Holidays.  It gives me time to “craft”.  And…

Ha!  Hahahahahaaaa….no seriously.  I don’t “craft”.  I take photos.  That’s my hobby.  But when some evil genius designs Star Wars snowflake templates, I jump into action.  For my son…yeah…not for me…my son.

Here’s the details.  Anthony Herrera, a graphic designer, has designed a bunch of snowflake templates that appeal to the Star Wars geek in me.  If you want to download the designs and spend hours meticulously cutting them out with a scalpel and a self-healing cutting mat, here’s the link:  Star Wars Snowflakes.

BTW, if I’ve not said it already, Anthony Herrera is AWESOME!

“Rear Window”? Anyone here a fan of Hitchcock?

This photo reminds me of the “Rear Window”, the film by Alfred Hitchcock.

I love “Rear Window”.  Jimmy Stewart is great and brings such seriousness and levity to a role that confines him to a wheelchair.  It’s a great example of acting with restrictions.  Hitchcock’s direction is brilliant.  When Jimmy Stewart’s character sends Grace Kelly to the apartment in question and she nearly gets caught there…I nearly screamed, “Get out!  He’s coming!  Get out of there!”

Mind you, I do have a serious crush on Grace Kelly.  She is so stunning.  So beautiful…sorry…I got all caught up there.

Anyway, I snapped this last February while staying in Coquitlam.  I had to book the room again (staying there for exam marking) so it made me think of these photos.

Claustrophobic nightmare…or romantic Titanic moment?

Welcome to the bottom deck of a BC Ferry.  We had the pleasure of attending my brother-in-law’s wedding in Victoria, BC last weekend.  I hadn’t been to Victoria since the last time we attended a wedding there, back in 1995.  I forgot what it’s like to travel on the ferry to get to Vancouver Island.

The ride over, from Tsawassen to the island, was on the upper deck of the Coastal Celebration.  We stayed in the car and watched the Gulf Islands slide by.  I got out and took some shots of some of the islands and vistas.  It was quite nice.

We ended up on the lower deck on the way home.  Once the ferry is full, the doors close and the bottom deck is completely closed up.  And…that’s when the claustrophobia settled in.  I’m not claustrophobic, normally, but my mind flashed back to one of the most insipid movies I’ve ever seen:  Titanic.  I was sitting on the lower deck thinking of the steerage passengers who had no chance of survival once the water started in and none of them had a clue that it was coming.  Oh sure, my mind could have traveled back to the beauty of Kate Winslet, or a certain sweaty moment…in a car…on the lower deck of the ship.  I was in a car on the lower deck of a boat with my wife.  That’s where my mind could have gone.

But it didn’t.  It went to, “Hey!  If this thing starts to sink, we won’t even know.”

Thanks, stupid brain.  Thanks a lot.

Click on the photo above, btw, if you want to see it in more detail.

Hey Eraserhead! Do you know who your director is?

Lynch, that’s who.  Or, as the tagger left it, LYNCH!

This little photo opportunity presented itself in Victoria.  I was shooting some great vistas of my Province’s capital when I looked left and saw a street art homage to the most twisted film I’ve ever seen.  That film is “Eraserhead” and I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to remember that film.  Now, I don’t know what spawned the inspiration for this little bit of stencil art, but if I had any artistic skill I don’t think I would have used it for this.

Still, the opportunity presented itself.



The entrance to the Pacific: Cannon Beach style

Cannon Beach is a beautiful spot on the Oregon Coast.  It is one of the many “entrances” to the Pacific Ocean along the coast.

Its major landmarks are the rocks and the beach you see above. What you see is “Haystack Rock” and “The Needles”.  Needles and a haystack – get it?  If this view looks familiar to you but you’ve never been to the Oregon Coast, then you’ve seen films like The Goonies or Kindergarten Cop.  Both films feature Haystack Rock.

Kindergarten Cop hobbles together a bunch of scenes that are all supposedly in Astoria, OR, but in reality are three different areas – Cannon Beach, the highway to Seaside, OR, and Astoria itself.  The Goonies also purports that Cannon Beach and Astoria are situated right next to each other.  Astoria and Cannon Beach, in reality are twenty-five miles apart (40 kilometers).  It’s as though Hollywood producers figure that most people will never go to the coast and will never be able to tell.

Silly producers.

Here’s another, similar view of Cannon Beach.  It’s a panorama put together from four different photographs.  Click on it and you ‘ll get a much wider view of the beach.

May the Fourth be with you…always

It’s May 4 and in the Casa del Bergen we celebrate Star Wars Day with some serious vigor.  Above is how we celebrate May the Fourth in our house.  It’s kind of a big deal around here.  I am a fanboy and have been working hard on passing down that feeling of total loyalty to that franchise of epic proportions.

My son, Ben (as in Ben Kenobi) has definitely caught the Star Wars fever.  He can quote from the movies; he watches Clone Wars on tv whenever he can.  He’s hooked and I’m so proud.

My daughter, Hannah (as in Han Solo – my wife thinks she picked the names, but I used a Jedi mind trick on her.  I’m trying to convince her to buy a dog so we can name it Chewbacca) can name most of the characters, but she’s growing out of the phase where she cares.  I think that she will come back someday into the geeky family fold.

My wife, however, is the great Star Wars hero in the family.  Not because she even really cares.  No.  It’s because she lets us indulge in all this inanity.  Thanks, honey.

May the Fourth be with you.  May the Force be with you, always.

You can call me flower…

…if you want to. (Bambi)

Do you remember that moment?  Bambi‘s a bit of a sappy movie for me, but I love that moment.  Flower, the skunk, meets Bambi when Bambi is just learning to talk.  He is naming things and comes nose to nose with a skunk, who is more than pleased with being mistaken for something “purty”.  I love that scene.  It’s so innocent and beautiful.  I’ve had that moment when I wish someone would think I was beautiful despite what others think of me.

As for the flower above, my wife and I are having a debate over what it is.  I’m pretty sure it’s a rhododendron.  She thinks I’m wrong.  Anyone want to help us out?

Not what you want to see when you’re driving home.

I left work today and the sun was shining.  There were big, fluffy cumulus in the air and some nice, dark underbellies.  I was waiting for the clouds to burst open and soak me, but it didn’t happen.  I took the Whatcom connector (a new shortcut that makes the drive a lot shorter) and as I came over the hill I saw blacks and navies in the sky.  This is what I saw as I drove home.  Welcoming, isn’t it?

What’s funny is that it’s not the sky or the highway that scares me.  It’s the semi truck in the rearview mirror.  I’m not scared of trucks, or any objects that can’t chase on their own steam.  It’s the movie Duel by Steven Spielberg.  The film was made before I was born, but, ever since the first time I saw this film, I think of a semi truck chasing me with evil intent.  I never noticed the truck behind me while I was driving, but seeing it now in the photo that I took kind of weirds me out.

I think I’ll go check the window.  See if it’s still following me.

Random ramblings. Also, treetop.

So I’m watching 2001: A Space Odyssey on tv right now.  I love this movie.  I haven’t watched it in so long, but it is so great.  There are six people in spacesuits standing on the moon somewhere and the music is so creepy that I may not sleep well.  I am so tired, though, so I figure I might pack it in early tonight.  We’ll see.  Well, I’ll see, not you, unless you’re stalking me, which I hope you’re not.

It’s weird watching this scene right now because I already watched the ending earlier.  This is the fun of having satellite t.v.  I watched it earlier on the first broadcast on HDNet earlier tonight, but only the end, where Dave sees himself as an old man.  Now I’m at the beginning and will probably go to bed before I even get to HAL9000 and Dave and the whole, “Dave?  What are you doing, Dave?”  I love that part.  But, like I said, I’m tired.

Do you like 2001?  Do you like any of the Stanley Kubrick films?  I love The Shining, but, again, if I think about that too much I’m not going to sleep tonight.

Oh, and there’s a photo of a tree at the top of this post.  Huh.

Haystack Rock; or how I started my Oregon Coast vacation

The B Family is almost done a week-long run along the Oregon Coast and I thought it would be appropriate to share a religious moment:  Haystack Rock.  See, when I grew up there were these two movies, Goonies and Kindergarten Cop, wherein Haystack Rock featured.  The image of this rock, and its accompanying “needles”, has been burned into my wife’s and my brain to the extent that we both squealed when we came off the US 101 highway and first saw Haystack Rock in the distance.

As we giggled and grinned at each other our kids looked at us, then each other, and had a good laugh at us.  When we tried to explain to them why this rock was making us silly, they stared at us with even more wonder.  They were impressed with the beach, but our strange fascination with the rock, well I don’t think they will ever get that.

Pentax K20D; Sigma 70-210mm; f11; ISO 100; 1/200 sec.

Railways are Mysterious and Romantic

Ever since I was a little Canadian kid watching “The Littlest Hobo” (a Canadian television series about a German Shepherd who helped people and traveled around Canada via the railway lines) I have wanted to ride the rails.  There seems to something very idyllic about traveling slowly through my country while someone else is in control.  Railways make me think of “From Russia With Love” and “Murder on the Orient Express.”  Or “O Brother, Where Art Thou” or “Polar Express” or “Strangers on a Train” or “Trainspotting.”

Come to think of it, I don’t understand my romantic feelings about railways at all.  Hercule Poirot solves a murder on a train.  James Bond is nearly murdered on a train.  Ulysses Everett McGill is trying to escape prison and is tossed off the train because his fellow prisoners can’t run fast enough.  Alfred Hitchcock’s strangers meet and plan the murder of each other’s problems (a problem wife and a father).  “Trainspotting” with Ewan McGregor, as Mark Renton, is a film about a bunch of strung-out heroin addicts.  “Polar Express” and “The Littlest Hobo” are really the only positive inclusions and both of them are obvious fictions meant for younger audiences.

I take it all back.  Railways suck.

Pentax K20D; Pentax M SMC 50mm; f2.8; ISO 100; 1/2500 sec.


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