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The Lake.

If you’ve been to Cultus Lake, you’ve probably seen this stump.  I had to wait for the tourists to get off it in order to take this photo.  It’s a lovely old tree that up-ended who knows how long ago.  It certainly is grotesque looking, in the old-fashioned sense of the word.

Sleepy time

I know it was Mother’s Day today, but I saw this Father/Son duo and couldn’t help but snap the photo.

Beauty. Unwind. (Photo Friday)

This is my daughter.  This is the lake.  This is the snow we’ve been experiencing lately.

There is little better in the world than going to the lake to unwind. Beauty, even cold, abounds.

Hey! Remember when it was almost Spring?

I remember a March or two wherein the sun shone and the clouds parted.  Today?  Today it dumped snow.

I don’t know about you, but my feeling is that photos like these should not be possible in March.  Sure, in Saskatchewan or Minnesota, but in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia?  Actually, I think it was warmer in Saskatoon today than it was here in Chilliwack.

Stupid global warming.

Nice photography weather, though.

Kismet: When Photo Friday and WordPress Photo Challenge collide

WordPress’ photo challenge this week is “Launch“.  Photo Friday’s challenge this week is “Day’s End“.  My photo is a boat dock, from which one might launch boats, at the end of the day.  Does it work for both?  I hope so.

The reflection is black and white

I picked out a photo that I shot a while ago, but, given the black and white treatment, it takes on a timeless quality.

Well, that’s what I think.  What do you think?

My lake home…I wish…or not.

Actually, I’m not sure I wish I had one of these “cabins”.  I have a tough enough time keeping up my yard and house that I live in, let alone trying to keep up a home away from home.  The way my mind works, if I own a house at the lake, I’m going to live in that house.  If I own a house in the suburbs (I do), then I’m going to live in that house.  I’ve never really understood the “need” to have two houses.

Either way, these lake houses made a nice photo, so I’m just going to enjoy view.

The non-Christmas Christmas post.

With the house in disarray, Lego and clothes all over the place and the family all happily lazy, I figured I’d post something peaceful.  This photo sums up the way I feel right now – placid.

Thanks, Christmas, for the peace that is existing in my house and heart right now.

Merry Christmas Eve (from the dock)

Winter sunsets are so convenient.  With the shorter days of winter, it’s much easier to get out and snap photos of sunsets than it is in the middle of summer.  As long as I’m willing to put up with colder days, I also get earlier sunsets.  I think that’s a good trade-off.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Between

I went out to the lake yesterday without knowing that WordPress’ Photo challenge would be “Between“.  Looks like I lucked out.

Here’s my son, in colour this time (and yes, I’m Canadian)

I was asked yesterday what the photo of my son would look like in colour.  So I processed one of him, intently checking out a Star Wars/Transformers toy in his hands while sitting on a dock at Cultus Lake.  I had to monkey with the contrast in curves and definitely played with Burn and Dodge because I really shot this with black and white in mind.  I hope you like it.

p.s.  It occurred to me that my horizon was totally crap yesterday.  I don’t know how I missed that.

p.p.s.  Also, we add a “u” to a number of words here in Canada, hence the “u” in color.  Colour.  Same word.  Different spelling.

One: Photo Friday Challenge

Why is it that a photograph of one person immediately draws to mind the song “One is a lonely number”?  I only ask because my first inclination with this photo was to give it that title.  My wife, son and I went for a walk a couple of days ago and Ben decided that he’d had enough walking so he sat down on this dock.  Despite knowing that there were three of us on this walk, and that this is not a photo of some lost boy on a dock, my feeling was one of loneliness.

Maybe it’s his posture.  Maybe it’s the coolness of black and white.  Maybe it’s a psychological projection on my part to believe that when one is alone, one must be lonely.  But there doesn’t have to exist that connotation, does there?  Alone, oneness, does not have to be lonely.

Lake walk in full color.

I’ve been at home due to illness for the last two days.  Finally, this afternoon, I felt well enough to go for a walk.  We live about five minutes from Cultus Lake and I like taking walks at this lake in the fall.  There are few tourists, even fewer boaters and just lovely colors and peaceful water.

If you think it’s pretty, come on over.  I’ll take you for a walk that’ll knock your senses for a loop.

Always inspiring

No matter how many times I’ve been to Cultus Lake, I’ve always been inspired to take more photos.  There’s always a new angle, or the clouds are set differently, or the lake is calm or choppy.

There’s always something interesting to see.


The ripple effects from kindness.

“Remember, there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”  (Scott Adams)

I love this quotation.  I’ve tried to accept the fact that it’s by the guy who writes Dilbert (which I secretly love – not so secret anymore, I guess).  What I’ve found is that my favorite acts of kindness are the ones that ensure anonymity.  I like to pay for the guy behind me in a drive-thru.  It can be a bit of a gamble – you never know what that guy has ordered or how much it might be.  What’s awesome is knowing that someone is confused and happy.  I’m not sure why I feel so excited when I do stuff like that, but I get this grin that won’t go away.

Change the direction of someone’s day.  Make them smile and take no credit.  It’s going to create ripples you couldn’t imagine.

Saturdays are wonderful, stupendous, splendiferous days.

It was a beautiful Saturday.  No wind.  Cool, but not unbearable.  The perfect day for a walk at the lake.  I have found this to be one of the best perks of moving to a new city.  My house is now a ten minute drive from this lake – Cultus Lake – and where I previously went to the lake for once or twice a year out of obligation as a Lower Mainlander, now I go with my children quite often.  Once a month or so.  Today was the perfect day to wander and take photos of what I otherwise ignore.

During the summer months, this shot would be impossible.  The dock you see in the middle of the shot, and the rocky beach in the foreground are chock full of people.  Every person scrambling for a square inch of the worst beach you could imagine.  Which is why I love winter walks at the lake.  It’s quiet and peaceful.  It’s splendiferous.

BTW, Google Chrome’s spell-check keeps underlining the word “splendiferous.”  Stupid browser.  If you’re curious as to what it means, look it up.  It’s a great word.

It’s late. Here’s the lake.

Sorry.  Little to say.  Really tired.  Friday’s tomorrow.  Yay.

Hulk feels fine…not smash.


This whole last week I’ve felt as though the Incredible Hulk has been trying to break out of my head.  There is a week to go before Christmas holidays and too many things to do before I’m done.  So, this morning I went out to the lake and wandered.  There was almost no wind and the temperature was a balmy five degrees.  It was so tranquil that the Hulk took a little break.  Here’s what calms the beast:

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…well…uh…lake.

What is it with docks and lakes that so mesmerize me?  I love the instructional nature of a dock.  How it, though inanimate, tells me that I should not run.  Nor should I dive.  I wonder if it dreams of other jobs.

Life, on the rocks

This weed, growing amongst the rocks on the shore of Cultus Lake, is the perfect example of persistence.  Where there is little to no other life, weeds work hard.  Maybe we should let them grow instead of always hacking them down and digging them out.

Photo Friday…oops. One day late.

My daughter and I went out for a walk around the lake to take photos.  It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been out together.  I love spending time with her.  She tells me the funniest stories of things that happened at school, or at the birthday party she just attended the night before, or whatever pops into her head.  I love that she finds her own stories funny – just like her Dad.

This shot was taken at Cultus Lake.  It is the roots and stump of a fallen tree.

I’m not sure I was all that tempted to dive in anyway.

Not much to say.  Just thought this was a nice photo.  Considerably more planned than yesterday’s post.

Also, it’s raining today, so this is a “thank you” to the meteorological gods.  Thanks, for giving me one nice day on the weekend.

Fine, feathered fellow Canadians.

The first week of school is finished and I can’t sleep in.  It took me all of four days of waking up early to put my body into school mode.  I wish I could sleep in, but at 6:51 a.m. this morning I woke up and stared at my alarm clock.  The alarm was off, the house was quiet, my children and my wife were still asleep, but my brain was ready to go.   I dressed, grabbed my camera and took a drive to Cultus Lake.  The clouds were lifting as I drove, lifting just enough to make it look like someone had spread cotton batting over the treetops.  It was a beautiful morning.

I took many photos this morning, but most of them were planned.  The geese were not.  I heard them coming, aimed the camera up and took two shots.  Wrong lens, wrong aperture, not bad shot.

Fishing makes me want to fish…

When I see someone fishing, fly-fishing, trolling, whatever, it makes me want to fish.  When I was a kid I used to fish from a boat.  My Grandfather’s boat.  He would wake up early and check the weather and then wake me up to get me on the boat.  At ten years old I had so little consciousness at 6:00 a.m. that I’m surprised I didn’t fall into the lake and drown, but had so much respect for, and fear of, my grandfather that I got up and went out with him.

We’d sit on the water in the boat and say nothing for an hour.  The sun would come up and the lake would light up beautifully and the fish would ignore us, or not, and we’d fish.  The only breaks in silence would be a loon on the lake and the water lapping against the boat.  Grandpa would start the engine and tell me to hold on to the rods and we’d troll and hope to get some fish.  If we didn’t, we’d be back on the lake later in the day.  Truthfully, we’d be on the boat later anyway, whether we’d caught fish or not.

When I see someone fishing now it makes me long for the fishing trips of my youth and their silence and peace and unspoken understandings.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f 7.1; ISO 100; 1/250 sec.


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