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Holiday Sunset (yes, I’m back)

lombok sunset2

Summer holidays have begun and I’ve had time to get my camera out and take some photos again.

This was taken a couple of nights ago while on holiday in Lombok. We stayed in Batu Bolong in Lombok Barat (West Lombok, just south of Senggigi).


I love seeing other people taking photographs. I don’t know what I look like when I take photos, but I hope I look sophisticated, elegant even. I’m sure I don’t, but I like to think that I look like I know what I’m doing.

A Bali sunset…

sunset jimbaran2

…for the end of the first day back to school after the Christmas holiday.

That’s all. Just a sunset.




Actually, I was told by one of the surfers/workers on the beach that this beach, Seminyak Beach, is a great place for beginners.  It is not, however, where they like to surf.  They like bigger waves.  They all thought that this would be a good place for me to start surfing…if only I would pay them to teach me.

Still, the waves were pretty impressive.

Jineng Villas

the villa


This is where we stayed for our first two nights in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia during our Christmas holidays.  There are villas listed from A through O, and each one has its own pool, separate bedrooms, and living space.  It’s beautiful.  I don’t know how we ended up in this spot, but I’m pretty amazed.

It’s been a pretty nice way to start Christmas holidays in Bali.

the villa 2

Beach seller


The hardest part of enjoying time on the beach is entertaining the many sellers that walk up and down trying to sell their stuff to the tourists.  Well, actually, the hardest part is saying, “No,” to most every one of them.  They like to look at me like they don’t understand English, as if waiting in front of me will make me say, “Yes.”  I don’t, but I just love feeling awkward…that was sarcasm.

I am impressed by their ability to balance their wares on their heads, though.  Seriously.  That’s amazing.

Day at the beach

Seminyak beach

We spent the day at Seminyak Beach.  It was a beautiful day, and we all got burnt.  We’ve been living in Jakarta for the last six months and, although it’s always warm, we’ve never been in direct sunlight for much time.  At the beach in Bali, we all spent so much time out in the sun and everybody in the family went to bed with a little extra redness.

I will admit that in spite of the sunburns, I loved being in the salty ocean air.  The water of the Indian Ocean is so warm, far warmer than any ocean water I’ve ever been in, but the sky was blue and the air was fresh…ish.  Wonderful day.

It’s the night before Christmas…LATE NIGHT SHOPPING!

late night shopping

I don’t know which Hindu god this is, but he might be battling a dragon for better deals for Christmas Eve shopping.

This is one of many gods we saw on our way into the city of Kuta, Bali.  The fact that the “late night shopping” sign is in the background just adds a post-modern materialistic context to a very old religion.  Hmm…I wonder what the rest of our trip will be like?

Snowflakes + Star Wars = AWESOME!

I love Christmas Holidays.  It gives me time to “craft”.  And…

Ha!  Hahahahahaaaa….no seriously.  I don’t “craft”.  I take photos.  That’s my hobby.  But when some evil genius designs Star Wars snowflake templates, I jump into action.  For my son…yeah…not for me…my son.

Here’s the details.  Anthony Herrera, a graphic designer, has designed a bunch of snowflake templates that appeal to the Star Wars geek in me.  If you want to download the designs and spend hours meticulously cutting them out with a scalpel and a self-healing cutting mat, here’s the link:  Star Wars Snowflakes.

BTW, if I’ve not said it already, Anthony Herrera is AWESOME!

Can you feel it?

There it is.  Just in the offing.  Holidaaaaaaaaaays…

Sorry.  Tomorrow is Friday.  THE Friday.  The Friday before Christmas Holidays.  I’m a little happy about that.

Oh, and the beach photo?  I don’t know.  It just seemed appropriate.  We’re not going away to some place sunny.  It’s just that I’ve got that “happy-sunset-on-a-beach” feeling with the holidays coming up.

I invoke the power of Hercules to get me through the next two days!

From the Firenze files.  This is the statue of “Hercules beating the Centaur Nessus”, which is in the Loggia della Signoria in Florence.  I thought of this statue tonight because I feel as though my strength is waning.  As though Friday cannot come soon enough.  As though Hercules needs to loan some of his strength to me and then I’ll make it through this week.

Hercules!  Help!

Happy place…go to my happy place.

The Canucks are (currently) losing the fourth game of the Stanley Cup.  The score, right now, is 3-0.  I am currently thinking words I haven’t thought since I was working in landscaping in the rain.  I hate Boston right now.  Hate is a strong word, but I’m not sure it’s strong enough right now.  I mean the Bruins, but where my brain is at this moment makes me also hate the Red Sox and the Patriots…what the heck – the whole city.  They’ve played a cheap game since game 1, but the Canucks have stopped playing the type of game that got them the President’s Cup.

I obviously don’t hate the whole city, but I’m ready for the cheap-shotting, injury faking (Horton obviously excluded) Bruins to go away.  Now.  Please.

It’s also June and I’ve got a week and half left of instruction and I’m ready for a vacation.  The stresses of my job along with the stresses of watching the Stanley Cup series has got me wishing I was on the Oregon Coast with little to nothing on my mind.  Nothing at all.  Nothing.


When “Photo Friday” and the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge collide

Just over this dune is the Pacific Ocean.  It’s beautiful on the Oregon Coast.  I kind of wish I was there.

As Spring Break comes to a close, I’ve been thinking ahead to summer holidays (sad, huh?) and that we’re heading to Nehalem Bay in Oregon again.  Add to that the fact that Photo Friday and WordPress’ own Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ocean, I though it would be fitting to post a photo from last year’s summer trip.  It covers both mother nature and the ocean.


One of many reasons that I don’t want to go back to work.

I am a teacher.  I get two months off work over summer, two weeks at Christmas and another two in Spring.  I have a pretty amazing job when it comes to holidays.  I can justify it to people I know who are not in the teaching field by saying that I am only paid for ten months of work and that I take two months unpaid, but it doesn’t make my job any less awesome for holidays.

I love my summers.  One thing I was not prepared for, however, was how emotionally attached I would become to my holidays.  But that was before I had children.  Now, I spend the first week getting used to being at home and follow that up with seven weeks of doing nothing but spending time with them.  Days, while my wife was at work, with them and I going to bookstores, parks, lakes, trails, skate parks and, well, you get the idea.  Now, with school starting tomorrow, I’m in mourning.  My daughter and I took a walk this weekend to buy our favorite Greek yogurt and stopped at the fountains at the nearby condominium development.  I don’t know to what tune she was dancing but she climbed to a spot a short distance away from me and got down to a song I couldn’t hear.

It’s not that we won’t have those moments now that school has started, but we won’t have the luxury of doing them whenever we like.

She is a reason I don’t want to go back to work.


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