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Day at the beach

Seminyak beach

We spent the day at Seminyak Beach.  It was a beautiful day, and we all got burnt.  We’ve been living in Jakarta for the last six months and, although it’s always warm, we’ve never been in direct sunlight for much time.  At the beach in Bali, we all spent so much time out in the sun and everybody in the family went to bed with a little extra redness.

I will admit that in spite of the sunburns, I loved being in the salty ocean air.  The water of the Indian Ocean is so warm, far warmer than any ocean water I’ve ever been in, but the sky was blue and the air was fresh…ish.  Wonderful day.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Sun

I am decidedly literal on this one.  The sun was out, shockingly, as I was on my commute home and I found that shooting straight into the sun meant two things:  one, if I cranked up the aperture I got this cool star shape out of the sun; and two, I couldn’t see very well for a few minutes and that meant I had to sit in the car until I could see out of both eyes.

I like the way the clouds look painted on.  I’ve never shot directly into the sun, but I like the way this turned out.

What do you think?

Clouds like cotton candy


I love when the sun shines, but there’s something pretty about the way the clouds look like so much cotton candy topping the mountains around here.

Blue sky thoughts

I was on my way home tonight and the clouds parted a little and made me think there was a chance I’d see some nice weather.  No such luck.

Sadly, as I look at this photo, I can’t help but hope for some Spring weather.  It seems like everyone else is getting nice weather but me.

Do I sound whiny?  I think so.

Late post today…please accept some apocalyptic clouds

The top of Sumas Mountain looked like this about twenty minutes ago.

A little too much like “end times” clouds, but maybe it’s just a sign of the end of winter with Spring coming next week.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Contrast

Welcome to Spring (or almost) in the Fraser Valley.

Winter sunsets are nice

I stopped in the grocery store parking lot to take this shot.  There are days, like today, when I’m glad I pack my camera with me pretty well everywhere I go.

BTW, it’s really hard to get the clouds to look as awesome in a photo as they do in real life.  I hope you can get the same feeling of awesome-ness from this photo as I felt while photographing them.

Cloudy with a chance of AWESOME!

I think that “awesome” is often overused.  In fact, it is entirely overused.  We use it to describe pizza, socks, hot dogs, movies…pretty much anything that is probably not awesome.

There’s a sense, with this word, that if we actually were experiencing awesome, we would drop to our knees, lose the ability to breathe and change our perspective on everything we’ve experienced up to that moment.  Hot dogs are not going to create that feeling.  Socks do not create that feeling.  Acts of God and nature…maybe.

p.s.  Sorry for the giant scroll-down.

What does your backyard look like?

Sunday night.  Two days ago.  The clouds were dissipating in just the right way.  The sun was bouncing off them as it set somewhere west of my yard.  The clouds lit up with fire and smoke and looked like something Michelangelo might have painted on a ceiling.  God may have been reaching out to Adam through these clouds.

It was pretty.

These are the clouds in my backyard. Neat, huh?

There was a horrible rainstorm when I left exam marking today.  As I made my way out to the valley, the clouds broke up and blue sky took over.  It was refreshing, as I’m used to it working the other way – blue sky in Vancouver and clouds and showers in the Valley.  However, if the nimbus underbelly of these cumulus clouds is any indication, the showers may have followed me home.

I’ve always felt as though cloud shots never quite pan out the right way, but I just shot these a few minutes ago and then I merged three photos to get the full view of the clouds in my backyard.



Beauty in the midst of a storm

Two mornings ago I awoke at 5:51 a.m. when there was a loud (by my sleepy account) bang in my house.  I jumped out of bed, ready to take down the perpetrator of some horrible crime in my house.  Turned out it was the wind, which was kicking up quite the little storm outside and had blown in through my son’s open window and slammed his door shut.  I remedied this and then went through the house checking for open windows, blowing curtains and other possible hazards to my going back to sleep.  With the patio umbrella all closed up and the deck chairs and barbecue tucked against the house I went back to bed.

I couldn’t sleep.  I went back to the den and grabbed my camera and noticed that with the windstorm that was blowing up came an absolutely beautiful sunrise.  Looking off my deck I took the shot that you see above.

Beauty in the midst of a storm.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f8; ISO 100; 1/320 sec.

Light clouds

When I was little, clouds were places of wonder, places where I could float and jump and hang out without any cares.  Then I went to school and was taught that it was a visible mass of water drops that was waiting to rain down on me and would never hold my weight, even when I was little.

Well thanks, science.  Thanks so much.

Pentax K20D; Sigma 70-210mm; f4; ISO 200; 1/125 sec.; ev +2

The Bubble

This is the view on my drive home from work.  I pass the “bubble” everyday, twice a day, and it is one of those landmarks that everyone who’s ever lived in Abbotsford still knows as “the orange bubble.”  What’s funny is that just this year the tennis club that owns the bubble replaced orange for white.  To add hilarity to this, people in Abbotsford had some sentimental attachment to this orange bubble and still speak fondly of it.

Weird people in my home town.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f40; ISO 100; 1/20 sec.

Clouds on a sunny day

Apologies for the absence for the last few days.  I’ve been at SFU marking English 12 Provincial Exams, and before that, I was sick and crazy busy.  I love the start of a new semester.

So this is what lunchtime at SFU looked like today.

Pentax K20D; Pentax M SMC 50mm; f8; ISO 100; 1/500 sec.


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