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What did we do before lcd screens on cameras?

Jak Photo Walk 1I love this photo.  The person on the left took a photo of the two men.  After taking the photo, she showed them the photo and they all gathered around her LCD screen to look at the photo that had just been taken.

When I first started taking photographs, I learned with a Pentax K1000 film SLR.  There was no instant feedback.  In fact, if I didn’t shoot an entire roll of film in a day, it could be a week or longer before I knew whether I had taken any good photos.  Now that we have instant feedback, we take a photo and then check to see how it turned out and often decide immediately whether it is worth keeping.

An unintended side effect, however, is that we gather around our cameras to see how good, or not good, we looked in the photo.  Community built on LCD screens?  Maybe.


Photo Friday: Close


I find that when I put my camera on the ground, or upside-down on a train ceiling, or against a wall, I get the most interesting results, just because it’s close to something.

Well, hello there…


This is great food.  They display it in the window, and they bring all of this to your table and whatever you eat is what you pay for.  It is brilliant food.  Tasty.  Spicy.  Fried.  All the things I shouldn’t eat, and it’s amazing.

So healthy food is on the menu again after tonight, but awesome, greasy, spicy food with a good friend is about as great as a night can get.

By the way, the crappy quality is because this is my phone camera.  I didn’t have my big camera with me.

Hello, baby. You’re looking good.

I missed you, with all of your analog functions and manual focus.  With your amazingly basic light meter and super hot manual wind and rewind.  Mmm…where have you been all my life?

Oh yeah, in my camera bag.  I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you.  I’m on holidays right now…so…I promise we’ll go hit the town soon.  Sound good?

WordPress Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

I am not one who likes to put himself in front of the camera.

In front of a crowd?  Yes.

In front of a classroom?  Yes.

In front of my peers?  Sure.

In front of my elders?  You bet.

In front of small children?  Why not.

In front of the camera?  I’d prefer not.

So this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was more of a personal challenge for me than a photographic one.  In response, here is a collage of things that make up me.  Consider it a self-portrait, of sorts, please.  If you need an explanation of any of it, please ask.

Photo Friday…on a Sunday. Weird

Photo Friday’s challenge this week is “Inside“.  I scoured my old files to find the right photo for this one.  I don’t use my flash, so inside shots are not my specialty.  I prefer available light sources, so I look for the right ambience in the subjects that I shoot.  I love to shoot churches; not that they’re particularly well lit, most of them aren’t, but I can slow my shutter speed down and then lose the people attending in a blur.

Anyway, I hope you like this.  It’s a church in Quebec City.  Lovely old place, if my memory serves.

Asahi means awesome in Japanese…just kidding…I think it’s a name.

This is a close-up of my Pentax K1000.  I’ve still not taken it out to shoot photos since I shot this photo a couple of weeks ago.  Sad.  But I’m on holidays and yesterday I sat on my butt watching Justice League Unlimited on DVD for four hours, followed by two hours of Batman:  Arkham Asylum.  I feel rested and, if I’m being truthful, totally lazy.  AWESOME!

Retro-chic; or, here’s what cameras used to look like.

On the left is the place where the photographer set the film speed (apparently, the last time I used this camera I was shooting a roll of ISO 200 film) and then, according to the light being allowed through the aperture, I set the shutter speed to 1/30 of a second.  The smaller, round, silver thingy is the shutter release.  It triggers the shutter and the shutter makes a satisfying “ka-chunk” when it is released.  The thing on the right is the “film-wind lever” and it moves the film forward, and the numbers inside that show how many exposures I’ve taken.

This is the way people used to take photos.  This is the way some people still take photos, although I would guess that many people will not recognize this in any way.  Oh well, it’s retro.


My Beast

I was inspired recently, after reading Chloe Sutcliffe’s blog, to take some photos of my old SLR camera.  I shot with this Pentax K1000 for a couple of years before I bought a DSLR.  I love this camera, but have largely neglected it since getting a Pentax K20D.

So, here’s a few endearing facts about this camera.  I bought it from the school at which I used to work as they were phasing out their traditional photography program in favor of a digital program.  Bad for tradition, good for me.  The camera, as I’ve been researching, comes out nearly as old as me, which makes me ever so in love with it.  It thrills me to know that it’s over thirty years old.

The best part is that it is entirely manual; this thrills me because if the photo that is taken is good, it is because of me.  It the photo is bad, it is because of me.  It made me a better photographer.  In fact, if I take good photos at all, now, it is because this camera made me learn how to take, compose, conceive of better photos to take.


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