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One of our many examples of graffiti here in the Kemang area of South Jakarta.

I went for a ride on Saturday and found many more examples of what’s happening around here in street art. There’s some crap, some territorial scrawlings, but there’s also some really beautiful, really well-done art.

I’ll let you decide into which category this falls.

A little architecture, a little graffiti

graffiti hotel

A little bit of both. This is on the corner where Kemang Raya, the main street in our neighborhood, breaks off into two one-way streets. The graffiti, as you’ve seen in the last few days, is in the wreck of a former building. Adjacent to the old building is an old hotel. It sticks out because it is one of the taller buildings in this part of Kemang.



I’m trying to think of something witty or poignant to say about this,but nothing’s coming to mind. All I can think about is that I didn’t sleep well last night and now I’m so tired that I’m lucky that breathing is a reflex.

A window on art

graffiti window

This is another shot from Saturday morning’s bike ride around Kemang. I like how what used to be a building frames the art that’s growing up around the area. I will say this, though: there is little more difficult than trying to figure out which horizontal line in this photo should be straight. One of the rules of a good photo is that the horizon should be straight. The problem with this photo is that there are a couple too many horizons.

I still liked it enough to post it.

How about you?

She’s been watching me


I’ve found some new-found freedom here in the Big Jak.  I’ve been driving my motorcycle a lot this week, now that I finally have licence plates for it, and it’s given me some ability to get around and snap photos that I’ve not had the opportunity to take.

This girl, painted on a wall at a corner on a one-way section of Jalan Kemang Raya, watches me every time I go by her.  Today, I got out and took her picture.  I like her headband-ears.

Now that I’ve got mobility, I think it’s time to find some more street art.

Old school

SFU vine mapleThis photo was taken at Simon Fraser University.  I’ve had little time to take many photos lately, and I found this and felt a little pang of homesickness.  I’m not homesick; I’m really happy here, but this photo is one of my all-time favorites.  Those vine maples are so pretty.

More Jakarta tomorrow, okay?

Delicate, too

One, too


I get why Monet was inspired by these.

Photo Friday: Close


I find that when I put my camera on the ground, or upside-down on a train ceiling, or against a wall, I get the most interesting results, just because it’s close to something.

Kemang alleys

The most fun way to get around on foot is to take these back alleys.  I often am not sure where I’m going to end up, but that’s the adventure of wandering through back lanes.

It should be said that most of these alleys are, in fact, full roads that are used by motorcycles and cars.  And no, they’re not really big enough for that, but that’s how they’re used.

Oh baby…

…I forgot how much fun it is to shoot in a super-shallow depth of field.  I slapped my 55mm, f1.8, vintage Pentax lens on my camera and took a walk to school.  This little piece of graffiti caught my eye and I shot it at f2.8 and it turned out like this.

What do you think?

The story…


There is a story going on here, and it extends around the entire temple at Borobudur.  What is most fascinating is that the reliefs shown above are incredibly well rendered and seem to include characters from global cultures.  There are Europeans, Classical Greeks, Chinese, African, and Indonesian characters, all carved into rocks that are well over one thousand years old.  They all reflect the story of Buddha, his birth, life, and transcendence.


That is what the Pavilion Mall in KL was proclaiming.  We were looking for the Havaianas (Brazilian sandals) shop, so we didn’t go in to look at the art, but they wanted us to know it was ART TIME.

Okay.  We get it.

Abstract Lighting


I looked up as I walked out of the hall below the Petronas Towers.  I saw this, above.  A lighting version of a lotus flower, perhaps, but it was fun to shoot.

What do you think?  Would this look nice in your living room?

Going home…

…from KL again.  I love this city.  There are some weirdnesses, and I’ve really never travelled away from the downtown core, but where I’ve been has been pretty sweet.

So, here’s the Petronas Towers once again.

Ever wanted a pig in your coffee?

Well, this little pigguccino is just for you.

This little coffee shop nearby, the Antipodean, is a wondrous little place where breakfast is served all day and the baristas are happy to show off their artistic talents for you every time you order a cappuccino.


I love the house numbers in the Kemang area of Jakarta Selatan (South).  I haven’t been around enough of the rest of this city to say how they number houses there, but around here house numbers are often painted on in what look like numbers and letters from a retro cartoon show.  It’s like the artists from “Jonny Quest” or “Speed Racer” were commissioned to paint street and house markers.

Solitaire…by the stone man.

One quick post before I leave Kuala Lumpur…

Not much to say, except that I’m not going to have time to post later today as I’m flying home to my loving and lovely wife, amazingly talented daughter and awesomely gifted son.

I’ll see you soon family.

Here’s another shot of the Petronas towers – a little ode to symmetry.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Hands

As I shot this, I got to thinking about what the artist’s hands look like after he (she?) was done painting this.  I mean, it’s about five feet tall, was probably painted at night when an artist is less likely to get caught, and fully spray-painted.  I can’t imagine those hands were clean.


Another street art shot

Circles and lines.  Hmm…

WordPress Photo Challenge: Unfocused

There’s a little something in photography called Depth of Field.  It refers to how much of a space there is between the nearest and farthest objects in a photograph that is sharply focused.  A photographer may choose to have a large depth of field in order to keep everything in focus, or choose a small depth of field in order to allow a great deal of the photo to be out of focus.  How you manipulate your aperture will determine how much of your photo is in focus, and, therefore, how large or small your depth of field is.

One strange this for me, however, is how a small aperture – say, f8 or above – may feel unfocused even though more of the photo is in sharp focus.  Take the photo above, for instance.  It was shot at f8.  It is mostly sharp.  It does, however, challenge me to decide on what subject to focus my attention.  Should I pay attention to the bright and perplexing graffiti on the wall?  Or maybe the strange artwork, wherein some…thing…seems to be trying to pry its way out of the wall?  Or perhaps I should pay attention to the broken toilet and discarded shopping cart.  By shooting it all in focus, I’ve created too many subjects and, therefore, created an unfocused, but sharp, photo.

What do you think?

Merry Christmas!

It would have been easy to snap a photo of a neatly wrapped package sitting under the tree, but I decided to test my ability to hold my camera steady.  I failed, quite spectacularly too, on most of my shots, but this one turned out.

Well, it turned out in a sort of abstract art kind of way, but that’s the way I remember most Christmases.  Abstractly.

Oh.  Merry Christmas.  I hope Santa was good to you.

I invoke the power of Hercules to get me through the next two days!

From the Firenze files.  This is the statue of “Hercules beating the Centaur Nessus”, which is in the Loggia della Signoria in Florence.  I thought of this statue tonight because I feel as though my strength is waning.  As though Friday cannot come soon enough.  As though Hercules needs to loan some of his strength to me and then I’ll make it through this week.

Hercules!  Help!


“Style is the mind skating circles around itself as it moves forward” – Robert Frost.

I’ve always loved Frost’s poetry and the image of circles like this brings me back to his imagery.




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