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Playground fun

This is that thing in the playground where you hang on and then slide across while keeping your feet off the ground.  I am 38, so it doesn’t work for me anymore, but it seems like a cool idea.


Hotel in the pond

Yeah, I’ve got nothing to go with that title.  There’s just a hotel…and a pond…and a reflection of the hotel in the pond.  So…do you like it?

WordPress Photo Challenge: Together

What keeps us apart from each other?  Some people think it’s 21st century technology, pushing us to distance ourselves from each other, relegated to text and Facebook and tweet our way through relationships.

Me?  I think it’s doors.  Just walk through.  Then we can be together.

Crimson (Cherry Coke)

Photo Friday’s challenge this week is Crimson.  I wasn’t looking to shoot this one, but I found a Cherry Coke, which I love, at a little candy story called Sticky’s in Chilliwack.  It’s actually from Great Britain, because Cherry Coke is not available in Canada.

Let me just say:  Hey!  Coke!  Bring this stuff back in Canada.  And not that stupid Vanilla Coke crap either.  Just the classic.  Cherry Coke.


WordPress Photo Challenge: Sun

I am decidedly literal on this one.  The sun was out, shockingly, as I was on my commute home and I found that shooting straight into the sun meant two things:  one, if I cranked up the aperture I got this cool star shape out of the sun; and two, I couldn’t see very well for a few minutes and that meant I had to sit in the car until I could see out of both eyes.

I like the way the clouds look painted on.  I’ve never shot directly into the sun, but I like the way this turned out.

What do you think?

Hi. Have a seat. Let’s talk.

So, um…I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment.  Between selling my house and making plans to move to Indonesia and trying to finish out the year at my school, I’m starting to feel as though my photoblog is becoming homework.

I didn’t ever want this to become an onerous task.  Until recently, this blog has been nothing but a joy.  Now…well, now I think I need to ease up a little on the daily blog posts.  In fact, I think I’m going to switch over to a weekly post.  Once a week.  Fridays I think.

I hope you’ll bear with me.  I hope you’ll patiently wait out this period.  When everything settles down here, I’ll start posting on a daily basis again.


WordPress Photo Challenge: Two subjects

I was driving out to a friend’s house tonight to watch the (pitiful) hockey game when I saw this.  I think I ticked off my wife as I pulled over and threatened to miss the first puck-drop just to snap this photo.

I think it was worth it.  Although, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to focus on the sunset or the Hydro high-wires – WordPress’ photo challenge this week is “Two Subjects“.  They’re both at about the 1/3 mark (rule of thirds) in the photo, but they’re competing with each other for your attention.  Ah well…still pretty.

Clouds like cotton candy


I love when the sun shines, but there’s something pretty about the way the clouds look like so much cotton candy topping the mountains around here.

That’s one way to memorialize your family

I think I’d rather be cremated and left in a jar.  I know it’s tradition to set up a big grave with a giant stone at the head, but me?  I think a simple urn would suffice.  Simple in life, simple in death.

Pensive child

…although, it could be boredom.  I can’t tell if he was posing and making sure that I snapped a few photos of him, or if he was bored and didn’t care that I was photographing him.

Oh, and for those of you who are new here, he’s my son.

What does mourning look like?

My wife and children and I went to visit her grandmothers’ graves yesterday.  My wife’s paternal grandmother died on Easter Sunday a number of years ago and, although it was not April 8, it seemed fitting to go visit yesterday.

I felt it strange that my own children had never visited a cemetery before.  By the time I was my daughter’s age, I had attended my paternal grandfather’s funeral and my mother’s uncle’s funeral.  Yet, my kids have never experienced the death of anyone close.  I watched as my son wandered, asking questions as he went.  My daughter solemnly walked from grave to grave, uncharacteristically quiet.  It was a singular experience.

As I followed my curious children, I found some interesting photographic subjects.  I never know, though, whether it is okay to snap photos in a cemetery.  What do you think?

From my window

Photo Friday’s challenge this week is “From my window“.  This morning when I got up, this was the view out my back window.  I do really love having an East facing back window.  Every morning there are new views of the sunrise.

Oh, and Happy Easter!

An unexpected journey

I never do this.  I never post photos of me.  It seems that I would always rather be behind the camera, never in front of it.  But this week’s photo challenge, Journey, spawned a bit of self-reflection.  There have been a few changes around my house lately, and I’ve been hinting at big things, but there’s big news.

For those of you who’ve been around here for a while, this next sentence might come as a bit of a surprise.  I’m moving to Indonesia for two years, and I’m leaving in three months.  My wife and I will be teaching in an international school and my children will be attending the same school.  We are going on a journey.  Oh, and this has only been in the works for five weeks, but in those five weeks we’ve talked with the school director and his wife, applied to work at the school, been interviewed and accepted, signed contracts and now?  Well, now we’re selling our house and all earthly possessions (almost) to get ready to move.

The photo above was a failed attempt at a work permit photo.  It didn’t work for the permit – too much glare off the background – but it gave me a chance to share my journey with you.

By the way, has anyone here been to Jakarta?  Any advice for a soon-to-be expat?


Late note here:  my wife wanted to make sure I noted that this was shot by her, not me.  The processing in b&w was me, but she, technically, pushed the button.  Sorry honey.

Spring is pretty

Our city is exploding in pinks, light pinks and whites.  Every flowering tree is going crazy with blossoms, and photographers in the area are going crazy trying to document the turn from Winter to Spring (finally).

A grey day…or black and white.

Thanks, Ansel, for the inspiration.

BC Grass (or is it weed)

Actually, it’s really just grass.  The ditches are coming alive again and maybe Spring is really on its way.

I guess I’ll wait and see.

Blue sky thoughts

I was on my way home tonight and the clouds parted a little and made me think there was a chance I’d see some nice weather.  No such luck.

Sadly, as I look at this photo, I can’t help but hope for some Spring weather.  It seems like everyone else is getting nice weather but me.

Do I sound whiny?  I think so.

Ponte Vecchio

Here’s a photo from the way-back file.  I’ve had no time lately due to…well…I’ll share with all of you soon.

In the meantime, I hope that I can appease the masses with a photo from a trip to Italy a few years ago.

Youth is…





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